Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom in Your Own Home

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting back and relaxing in a 5-star spa. Imagine yourself surrounded by the white marble tiles, engulfed in an aroma of essential oils, and awaiting your subsequent treatment. Whilst trips to the spa may be seen as a birthday treat or a once-in-a-while break away from life, we understand the feeling of regularly craving that luxury experience all too well.

So, today we’re exploring how we can help you create a spa-inspired bathroom in your own home so you can experience the opulence and grandeur of a 5-star retreat whenever you like. With the right lighting, colour palette, and finishing touches, you’ll be convinced you’ve been transported to your favourite luxury spa in no time.

What Makes a Spa Feel so Special?

There are plenty of factors that go into someone designing the perfect spa environment, all of which are associated with pleasing the senses.

  • Smell. Every spa you’ve walked into no doubt smelled incredible. So whether it’s a wax melt, a bowl of potpourri or an array of candles, make sure you have excellent ventilation and something to make the space smell wonderful.
  • Touch. Choosing quality fixtures and fittings from our luxury bathroom brands is key to creating a sumptuous spa-like space. Each cupboard, basin, and toilet sink must be high quality to make your bathroom feel 5-star.
  • Incorporating innovative bathroom technology such as smart speakers will help elevate your bathroom and ensure you feel like you’re stepping into a luxury space every time you walk in. Play some soothing classical music or sound effects such as rain noise to transport yourself to another land.
  • While all the senses work together to create a spa-inspired space, what you see is arguably the most important of the five. You will notice that many spas use light colour palettes, which we will explore later.
  • Nothing is stopping you from taking in some strawberries or a bottle of fizz to indulge in while you relax in the bath; in fact, we highly recommend it!

Beautiful open plan bathroom with free-standing bath tub overlooking fields

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

As mentioned, the overall look of your bathroom is arguably the most essential part of creating a spa-inspired space. You must consider several key factors when designing your room; let’s take a look.

Choosing the Right Lighting

The lighting plays a crucial role in creating ambience, which is key to a spa-inspired bathroom. The first type to consider is natural lighting, and while we believe you can never have too much of it in a spa-like room, you must give yourself the option to shut it out when needed. Dimly lit spaces are common in luxury spas and allow you to relax no matter the time of day. Choose high-quality black-out blinds made for bathrooms to give yourself the option to shut off the world at any time.

Secondly, choose a variety of lighting that allows you to use the space differently at different times. For example, bright, functional lighting such as LED mirrors are ideal for applying face masks and perfecting your skincare routine. On the other hand, you will also need dim ambient lighting such as candles and undercabinet lights to create a relaxing feel while you dip into the bath.

Creating Clean Lines

You will never find clutter lying around in a 5-star spa, so your bathroom shouldn’t be any different. To avoid clutter, choose clever storage solutions to hide your toiletries and cleaning products and use tiled shelves like those pictured below to display your most luxurious items.

Not only this, but your colour palette helps to create the look of clean lines as well. Choose matching bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles in a light shade such as white or cream to brighten up your space and give it an open, airy feel.

Sunken shelves with LED strip lighting in a modern walk-in shower

Which Bath and Shower are Best for My Space?

To create that jaw-dropping, dramatic look in your bathroom, you need a free-standing, centrally positioned bathtub. A free-standing bath is a distinct spa feature guaranteed to make a statement and give you the look you’ve wanted in your home.

In addition, open spaces are key to this design, so choose a walk-in or wet room style shower. If you have the space, we recommend two shower heads to achieve the complete spa-like bathroom look and elevate your room further.

Steam Rooms and Bathroom Innovations

We’re proud to offer an incredible selection of innovative bathroom features guaranteed to provide your space with a spa-like feel. For example, our steam rooms are exactly what you need to help you create an authentic spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Steam rooms have an abundance of health benefits, including detoxification, improved muscle pain, and of course, relaxation.

To see the innovative features a Roccia bathroom could bring to your space, visit our bathroom showrooms in Bolton and Preston, and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Luxurious at-home walk-in steam room

Attention to Detail

The little things make the most significant difference in a spa-inspired bathroom, so you must give your space the finishing touches it needs. Spend time researching before you purchase towels and ensure you find some that are fluffy, high-quality, and will look the part in your bathroom. In addition, the way you fold and present the towels makes a difference to the opulence of your space, so make sure to neatly roll and stack them rather than rushing the folding process and risk leaving them looking messy.

Finally, give each design decision attention to detail, from the taps to the tiles and everything in between. We’re proud of our extensive collection of luxury bathroom items, including Versace tiles, that are sure to elevate your space and provide the rich, relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for.

To get started, enquire online today for your FREE bathroom design consultation, and we will be more than happy to help.

Modern white and grey marble large format tiles in a contemporary living area

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