How to Create a Timeless Bathroom Design

Creating a bathroom design that will stand the test of time can be challenging when interior trends move so quickly. In this article, we will aim to provide you with a few tips that can minimise the risks of seeing your bathroom becoming outdated.

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State of Mind

Before we talk about classic timeless trends, there are some ideas that you must keep in mind if you’re designing a bathroom to last for you and your family:

  • You need to be able to move in the space you create
  • You need to have a personal love for the style, more than just what’s trending now.

For the first point, you want to avoid over cluttering your bathroom with items. Difficulty getting around in your own home can quickly become a nuisance. For example, no matter how much you love the idea of lounging in a gigantic bath, it isn’t going to be worth the expenditure if it also requires you to squeeze past it every time you need to use the toilet.

Regarding the second point, what makes a design truly timeless will differ slightly for each individual. While it is true that ethically sourced hardwood is never going out of fashion, that doesn’t mean much to those families who prefer bright, modern settings. You need to find a timeless design that suits your own style, too.


The most timeless of colours, the neutrality of a white bathroom will ensure that your bathroom will stay stylish for decades. Of course, the real question is which accents to use in a white bathroom; will rose gold fittings and furnishings still be ‘in’, five years down the line?

The luxury of a white bathroom means that you can keep the overarching style but refurbish the accents as trends require at a far lesser cost. A white bathroom with unique fittings that you can replace is one way to ensure that you have a bathroom that you will never get bored of.

We have a large selection of tiles that will look stunning in a white bathroom. For example, black stone bathroom tiles can provide a unique contrast when the rest of the room is white. Our stone cut porcelain tiles, for example, really bring out the white walls in this bathroom:

Stone Cut Porcelain Tiles

Other neutral colours that can stand the test of time include greys and sandy tones.


Attention to Detail

This may seem obvious to some, but the details aren’t to be underestimated. Much like a bathroom that feels too cramped to move in, a bathroom with poor execution of the details is going to feel old far more quickly.

You want to be sure that everything in your bathroom is properly finished and set at the right angle. When you look at your bathroom in the future, you don’t want to be distracted by the flaws – you want to bathe in its magnificence. Whether you’re going for a simple, neutral bathroom to last decades or making a statement, don’t forget the details.

All our bathroom tiles have high-quality finishes and anti-slip features to protect you from spills.

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Fossil Porcelain Tiles


Timeless Wooden Floors

Wooden features are also considered timeless but creating a wooden bathroom can pose difficulties. Firstly, real wood is porous and prone to rotting – not a great look for a bathroom. On the other hand, there are plenty of wood look-a-likes that you can use in place of true wood.

Our range of wood effect bathroom tiles, for example, offers the look that you desire without the upkeep.

cool wood effect w-age tiles

W-Age Wood Effect Tiles

Available in a range of shades and shapes, our extensive selection can help you to craft a bathroom that feels homely, natural, and timeless.


Much like the ability to move freely in the spaces you create, the ability to see with clarity is important too. This means that large, bright windows and mirrors can do a lot for ensuring the longevity of your designs.

Choosing good electrical lighting for your bathroom can also alter the way that your bathroom is perceived. Whether you choose bright white, or a warmer tint, will alter the mood of the room substantially, thus requiring a certain amount of care and thought on your choices.

If you’re working with a smaller space, uplighting can be a great, non-intrusive solution that creates a bright atmosphere without blinding anyone with the naked bulbs of a statement chandelier.

In a design that is otherwise very simple, a statement piece can provide a great deal of elegance and voice. Alternatively, if you’re working with a theme, you want to be sure that lighting neither undermines nor overshadows your choices.

Overall, the most important features for a truly timeless bathroom often reflect themes of neutrality and nature. Bolder colours and metallic surfaces come and go, so be careful with how much you incorporate these into your designs.

Once you’re ready to choose your tiles, get in touch with a member of our team, and we will help you however we can.

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