Deep Cleaning Tips: Kitchen Dirt


It’s probably no surprise to you now that we absolutely adore slate, ceramic and porcelain tiles. We live to provide you with stunning quality and efficiency in your tiles for your bathroom, utility room and kitchen. Not stopping there, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep your home squeaky clean.

You might have already read our blog Deep Cleaning Tips: Bathroom Grime, if you haven’t, check it out, there’s some nifty tips to help you remove your bathroom grime!

Your tiles can only protect your house to a certain extent; the rest is up to you so snap on your Marigold’s and prepare for a good kitchen deep clean.


Antibacterial Household Cleaners Are Beautiful!

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, once you’ve cleared your kitchen counters and recovered from the amount of dirt hiding behind the toaster, it’s time to whack out the Dettol. You see the anti-bacterial spray advertised everywhere and, in your kitchen, you really do want to get rid of that 99% of bacteria.

Spray down your surfaces, and don’t forget to spray down the tiles behind and surrounding your hobs, your sink and your bin. You may not realise it, but splash back from food and oil can get caught on your tiles and turn very dirty if not cleaned up!


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Make Your Oven Happy

It may surprise you, but your oven may not actually be black. You’d be surprised at the dark, or light, grey colour your oven really is once you get scrubbing. Burned food, grease and fat can collect inside your oven over time, leaving grimy trails on the walls and door. It may be burnt to cinders and as black as coal, but leaving that amount of burnt food inside your oven is not very nice.

Along with your oven, take your Dettol to your hobs. The surrounding structure can be caked in grease and attracting insects when not turned on!


Gloved hands removing soap from stove top range with microfiber

Mops Are Friends, Not Cupboard Accessories

After you’ve cleaned the inside of your fridge and thawed the ice lacing the back of your freezer, it’s time to take your cleaning to the floor. Floor tiles in the kitchen are perfect to easily clean. Knowing how to clean them, however, is also very important.

Warm, soapy water and a good, sturdy mop will help you cover the surface, killing off bacteria and getting your floor sparkling in no time. It’s important to get into the corners of your kitchen, these are the places where specks of dirt and crumbs collect and build up over time. During your deep clean, make sure you don’t overlook these innocent looking areas!


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Deep cleaning your kitchen can be made all the easier with tiled walls and flooring. Durable and water resistant, they protect your home from damp and mould build up where it matters. Our tiles come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs, spanning from natural tiles such as slate to porcelain and ceramic tiles.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us today on 01772 382616. If you’d like to keep up to date on the latest tile news, make sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn!



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