How to Make Ancient Mosaic Your Own

History is full of amazing examples of architecture and home decor that we still use in modern aesthetics to this day. Mosaic is a perfect example; from the stunning mosaics produced by the Ancient Romans to those found in Ancient Greek tombs. These luxurious designs do not have to be a thing of the past, you can incorporate this amazing commodity in your kitchen or bathroom for a style that echoes the ancient world.

Statement Piece

Mo 01

Mosaic creation is a tradition that goes back over 4,000 years; small tesserae only millimetres in length were used to create stunning mosaic pieces that rivalled a painting. Examples of this amazing art form have been preserved in places such as Pompeii and Herculaneum in stunning quality after the towns were famously ravaged by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Both of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites showcase the wonders of the Ancient Roman world, including the stunning mosaics that we in the modern world strive to recreate. Of course, computer software can make it much easier to design a fantastic mosaic instead of having to work it out by hand like the Romans did.

With more modern techniques a stunning mosaic design in your kitchen, bathroom, or indeed any other room, can be a true statement piece for anyone that visits your home. It may require a combination of more colourful mosaic tiles, more time to create and more planning but the results will be worth far more than the initial investment. You can create a look that will not only be the talk of all your friends but also an amazing homage to the ancient civilisations that brought this style to life.

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Renaissance Silver 30×30

Quartz Mirrored Classic 30x30x1

Carrara Petroleum 30×30

A Shower Highlight 

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Mosaic can also be used as a way to highlight a feature in a room so that it will be more noticeable against the regular tiling that surrounds it. This is an idea in the same vein as a feature wall; a focal point in a room that highlights the style and colour choices of the room.

In 2016, feature aspects of a room are no longer simply confined to one wall. An example of this comes in the bathroom, where mosaic is a great statement technique to use in order to make the shower stand out and appear separate from the rest of the room. This is also a great material to use in order to make features such as mirrors ‘pop’ from the wall by creating an attractive border around them.

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Mix Moon 33.3×33.3

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Quartz Mirrored Jordan 30x30x1

Mosaic Backsplash

Mo 03

A kitchen backsplash does not have to be dull or ‘run of the mill’; instead, you can make it colourful and unique with a combination of interesting mosaic choices. The differences and variation between each tile, especially when using granite or another natural stone, can draw the eye and aesthetically impress in your kitchen.

It offers the same benefits as traditional, larger, tiling, but it also adds a more appealing aspect of a geometric design. The variation of mosaic colouring also means that you can buy a combination of mosaic tiles and arrange them in any number of ways that you find appealing. This choice allows for you to create a wholly unique style; something that no one else in the world will have because it is an original design made by you!

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Horn Dark 30×30

J-Stone 10×10

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A classic mosaic can be an amazing statement in your home and add to the regal aesthetic of any room you choose. So if you would like to find out more about the products we have on offer to help you with this project then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team – here at Tile Mart we are experts on tiling and can answer any enquiry you may have.

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