How to Use Fiery tones to warm Your Decor!

As winter is firmly on its way, warming your home is probably at the forefront of your mind. If your home is full of cool, icy shades this can actually make it seem much colder than it actually is, and that won’t do you any favours will it? So make sure that you have at least one room in the home that is decorated in warm and welcoming ways! A great way to spruce up your home a bit is to add fiery tones to your interior decor, and we’re going to show you how to do just that…

Amazing Accents!


As fiery shades such as orange, red, and yellows can be quite powerful, you might not want to colour the whole of the walls with one bright shade, you might however, consider using a bright, dominating shade as an accenting feature. Grey and orange is a contemporary combination and will certainly add a bit of spice to your interior decor – this looks excellent in the kitchen and living room. Contrast white and yellow for a fresh, summery feel that will add a welcoming warm atmosphere to your home!

Delicate Warmth


Of course, when using fiery tones you don’t have to choose an incredibly bright shade, you can, however, go for a more subtle and natural shade – travertine tiles are naturally warming with a slight golden tone which is perfect for adding a touch of warmth, without becoming overpowering. Delicate, autumnal tones are brilliant for use in the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom.

Shimmering Shades


Add a little bit of sparkle to your decor by choosing metallic golden, coppery or bronze tones – this is certain to create a classy element which will impress all visitors to your home. They add a rich atmosphere that is simply perfect for indulgence and relaxation. Contrast with deeper and darker tones, we can recommend porcelain tiles for this job!


Using fiery tones in your home is the perfect way to warm up the atmosphere and feel cosy even in the depths of winter. These interior ideas look wonderful all year round – so don’t worry you don’t have to redecorate every season!

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