Introducing Kohler – 140 Years of Transforming Bathrooms

Since 1883, Kohler has been transforming the bathroom and bathing experience with its innovative designs and incredible engineering. Kohler seeks to revolutionise the bathroom with forward-thinking design ideas that inspire true beauty.

From rustic, traditional designs to the most modern, contemporary styles, Kohler offers an extensive range of products including toilets, taps, basins, bathing facilities and bathroom furniture. Kohler believes that the bathroom is not just a place to bathe, but an extension of your living space that demands just as much care and attention as you would give the design of your kitchen.

The Kohler Brand

Kohler invented the bathtub in 1883, and from that point forward they have been pioneers in bathroom technology and designs. They believe that the bathroom is more than a room for before-bedtimes routines, but is a wellness room and a home spa, a sanctuary away from your stressful day.

Kohler bathrooms have pioneered a number of innovations, combining technology and art to create truly revolutionary bathroom pieces, such as their Veil Intelligent Toilet. The Veil has ultra-responsive controls and balanced curves, giving it an ergonomic design with customisable features like hands-free opening and closing, automatic flush and a touch screen remote: it is years ahead of its time.

Or consider the Kohler lighted mirrors with optional Amazon Alexa voice command features, allowing you to adjust the lighting to your optimal setting using voice commands, get the weather, check your calendar and more. They also have the DTV Prompt, a device that brings digital showering to any bathroom, or the Moxie showerhead and speaker that plays music, podcasts and more, and it can be popped out and taken with you anywhere.

From vanity tops to freestanding baths, wall-mounted sinks and bath screens, Kohler can provide you with everything you need to create your dream bathroom using their wonderfully innovative designs and technology.


Kohler employs luxury materials to add to the grandeur of their designs, using mixed metals and clean shapes to give a truly contemporary look. A bathroom is a place where style and function meet, and at Kohler, they employ the very best in modern, stylish elegance combined with their innovative bathroom items.

Simplified Design

While Kohler bathrooms are all about innovative ideas and technology, they love the pure elegance of simplicity. Wood and stone, metals and shabby-chic surfaces are big players in Kohler bathrooms, allowing you to connect with the natural elements. Their technologically advanced fixtures are simple in appearance, but function beautifully and work with the design to complement the rustic ambience.

Storage for Organisation

Kohler believes that the bathroom should be an uncluttered space where everything has its place, allowing you to find what you need with ease to bring a sense of tranquillity to your daily bathroom routines. That’s why they use innovative storage solutions to provide you with the space you need to store whatever you need.

Their vanity units can have shelves and drawers to help keep sinks and worktops clutter-free, with a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from. Mirrored cabinets with adjustable shelves can be used to house all your beauty items, with mirrored interiors so you can still use the mirror even while the door is open. Kohler also employs built-in shelving units that can provide you with ample storage space that will blend discreetly into the environment.


The beauty of Kohler bathrooms is that there are so many styles and designs to suit all their customers. If you like a more intricately designed bathroom rather than simple elegance, Kohler can give you just that. With the use of bright spaces and geometric patterns for the walls, Kohler can give your bathroom a modern take on vintage bathrooms that provides you with a positive and fresh environment.

Stunning Fixtures

Kohler bathrooms are all about the use of their beautiful, functional fixtures. Take, for example, the Briolette glass sink. This attractive sink is a truly unique shape, inspired by the cut surfaces of a precious stone. Its curved walls accentuate the natural textural qualities of the glass bowl, giving you a striking reflective effect. This sink sits on top of a counter and makes a stunning, vintage-looking addition to any bathroom.

To truly appreciate the beauty and functionality of Kohler bathrooms, you need to see them for yourself. At Roccia, you can view our full range of bathrooms from all the brands we have available in our Preston showroom. Feel free to browse our site and take a look at the stunning range of bathrooms we have available, or come down to visit us in our bathroom showroom in Preston.

If you would like to book a consultation with one of our bathroom design experts, please feel free to get in touch by either calling us today on 01772 382616 or by using our online enquiry form. We aim to make your bathroom dreams become a reality, with an extensive range of bathroom brands on offer, alongside the stunning Kohler bathrooms range.

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