It’s the Tile Choice: Things to Consider When Searching for The Tile

Finding the perfect porcelain floor tiles for your home doesn’t need to be a death defying feat of decision making. It’s important to look at all of the angles, to spread your options out before you and carefully pick which tile will best suit your bathroom, kitchen or utility room for years to come.

Where is it Going?

The first step to choosing your perfect tile is to take a look at where it’s going. Are you using it in your kitchen, where it will be prone to a number of heavy footfalls, of scraping chairs, of heavy packages and potentially falling utensils? Are you looking to protect your bathroom with easy to clean, hygienic tiles you can maintain with little difficulty and which can withstand the onslaught of water vapour and water droplets? What about your utility room? Is this the place you’re looking to deck out in stunning porcelain to protect against muddy, wet shoes, paws and coats?

Once you know where you’re wanting to put your tiles, the next step is to look at the size and shape of said room.




Shape and Size

Consider the shape of your chosen room. Is it big or small? Are there tiny, difficult to utilise corners or is it a straightforward shape with little disturbances from your bathroom fixtures? Consider the type of tile that might have already caught your eye. Will you need a number of them to cover your intended area or will a couple suffice? Nobody wants left over tiles hanging around their house (yet there are a number of creative things you can do with your tiles if you have any leftover) so be sure you know how many tiles you’ll need before you go any further.

Now you’ve successfully addressed two important decisions the next thing you should think about is the design and pattern of your particular tile.


Calacatta 30x60



Tiles come in a variety of designs and patterns, that’s one reason why we adore them so much! Do you want a straightforward coloured tile, keeping it plain and simple and allowing the rest of your room to attract the attention of your guests? What about adding a particular pattern to your floor, giving it a different dimension and allowing your floor to adapt some of your stylish, unique personality?

Once you’ve figured out the details or your tile design and pattern, your next task is to pick it out!



Our durable porcelain, ceramic and natural floor tiles are the perfect addition to your home and commercial property. For more information contact us today on 01772 258998.

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