Make a Style Statement With Your Kitchen

Make a Style Statement With Your Kitchen

Kitchens are perhaps some of the most versatile and practical rooms in our homes and are used for a vast range of purposes from eating to entertaining. However this doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t also be one of the most interesting rooms in your home from a design point of view. So here we give a few unique ideas to help inspire you to make a style statement with your kitchen.


Often overlooked, splashbacks (the area between your counter and your cabinets) play an important role in any kitchen and can make for rather interesting style statements. In fact your splashback is literally one key area in your kitchen where you can make a big splash (no pun intended). Indeed being a little creative with your kitchen splashback is a great and relatively inexpensive way to revamp the design of your kitchen. For example glass or stone tiles are a great way to add interest, or for something a little more unique you could also try adding mosaic tiles to create an interesting feature that will really draw the eye.


Why not try introducing a new colour theme in your kitchen? Even simple monochromatic colour schemes can be a great way to introduce some great style and personality into your kitchen. For example you could get a little creative with this by choosing a combination of black and white tiles to create a unique and interesting pattern. Changing the colour of your cabinets is another great way to instantly transform the look of your kitchen. If you’re looking to introduce a more modern look to your kitchen then bold colour choices can work perfectly.

Mix styles

Whilst mixing the modern with the more traditional may appear a little counterintuitive at first, this is a great way to create a more eclectic feel in your kitchen. Try starting with more traditional foundations such as natural stone floor tiles and adding some more modern surprising touches such as stainless steel accents or appliances.

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