New Year for Tile Trends

In bygone years, tiles were largely a functional addition to any home decor, and they were almost exclusively restricted to use in bathroom or kitchen environments. However, modern interior design has moved away from merely using tiles as a durable and effective way to combat moisture, and tiles have now begun to be used in a variety of far more adventurous ways after the manner of a true design statement.

In 2013, tile trends were very much geared towards natural stone aesthetics, or even tiles which recreated a replica of an alternative natural surface. For example, ceramic wall tiles which looked like wooden floor planks, such as our Woodker floor tiles, were an especially popular choice for many households, with owners benefitting from the fashionable appearance of wood alongside the practicality of ceramic around water. Such visual effects are made possible through advances in technology, although they were by no means the only trend in circulation during 2013.

Textured tiles proved to be another favourite over the course of last year, and their success proves beyond doubt that the days of ‘traditional’ tiles exhibiting only flat, hard surfaces have come to an end. Mosaic tiles have also experienced something of a resurgence, with the evolution of this genuinely ancient art form finding itself regularly used within many of the most striking interior design themes.

Vintage aesthetics have undoubtedly been the focus of tiling trends in the last year, and here at Tile Mart we look forward to seeing what changes the New Year will bring with regards to tiling. Tiles have become so varied in their forms that the possibilities are almost limitless, and the prevailing preferences for 2014 are not necessarily forced to conform to the established inclinations of the previous year.

At Tile Mart we are proud to be the largest tile suppliers in the north of the UK, with an unparalleled selection of tiles with regards to choice and quality available to view in our showrooms. We have years of experience when it comes to providing tiles of all descriptions, and we are therefore ideally placed to meet all tiling trends; no matter what designs prove to be in vogue during 2014. To find out more about any of our products, please contact our friendly and professional team and we will be happy to help you.

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