Quick and Easy Festive Redecoration

The holiday season is the most enchanting time of the year and offers an exquisite opportunity to add a layer of magic to your home décor.

At Roccia, we believe in infusing lifestyle-enhancing charm into your spaces, and there’s no better time to do this than during the festive season. So here, we’re delving into how you can bring festive cheer into your home, create an ambience that glows with warmth and welcome, and explore nature-inspired decorations that add an authentic festive touch.

Allow us to help you with these quick and easy redecorations and add a touch of magic to your home this holiday season.

Infusing Your Home with Festive Cheer

Decorating your home for the festivities is more than just hanging lights and tinsel; it’s about embracing the spirit of togetherness and the warmth of the season. For a quick and simple upgrade, deck your rooms with plush cushions and throws, making spaces warm and inviting. Not only does this help inject seasonal colours into your space, but it adds to the cosiness of this time of year and helps you keep warm on those frosty nights.

However, if your favourite shades are those from a festive colour palette, then consider a more permanent option. Our high-quality tiles in shades of burgundy, gold, and green serve as an exquisite canvas for your holiday decoration. For example, pictured below are our Hamptons Bathroom Tiles in the beautifully festive Victorian Green, echoing the hue of a Christmas tree. These tiles symbolise the quintessential holiday colours while bringing an aura of luxury and sophistication to your spaces.

hamptons tiles

Crafting a Festive Ambiance with Lighting

The power of lighting in creating a festive ambience is unparalleled. During these times, we recommend opting for soft, warm, and ambient lights that mimic the cosy allure of a winter’s fireplace. Consider adopting a variety of light sources, from string lights to dimmable LED fixtures, dispersed throughout your space.

Of course, no artificial lighting can compare to a real, roaring fire, so if you want to upgrade your fireplace to something sure to bring a cosy ambience to your home, now’s the time. Planika ethanol and gas fireplaces, for example, enhance your home’s festive atmosphere by merging elegance and advanced technology. These indoor/outdoor fireplaces impart warmth, and their sleek design creates a captivating visual element, transforming your space with both function and festive charm!


Festive Tablescapes: A Symphony on Your Dinner Table

When you craft a festive tablescape, your dinner table becomes a stage for opulent holiday aesthetics. There are plenty of different ways to do this but for a quick and easy festive zhuzh, layer holiday-coloured linens, glistening glassware, and richly textured centrepieces to create an engaging, dynamic effect. Of course, the underpinning of any breathtaking tablescape is a delicious feast surrounded by family and friends. So, wait until everyone’s gathered and ready to tuck in before you take a step back and appreciate how everything has come together to create the perfect festive vision.

Welcoming Your Guests with Holiday Decorations

Your front entrance is the first introduction to your home’s festive spirit. Greet your guests with a tastefully adorned entryway courtesy of a lush wreath, garlands, and beautiful outdoor lights. In recent years, Victorian hallways have gained attention, and because of their typically rich colour schemes and use of warm wood, this aesthetic is the perfect backdrop to a Christmassy entranceway. If you want to get this look in your own home, consider installing wood-effect floor tiles layered with a deep red or green runner. Pair these with rich colours on the walls and plenty of personal touches, such as framed photographs and opulent light fixtures. This way, even when this space isn’t adorned with festive lights and that perfect wreath, you’ll have a welcoming and stylish entranceway.

entrance hallway of a home with wreath on the door

Bringing the Outdoors In With Nature-Inspired Decorations

Breathing fresh life into your home this festive season doesn’t have to mean an entire refurbishment, particularly when you invite the natural wonders of the outdoors into your interior decor. That transformation can be as simple as infusing your spaces with touches of authentic winter flora. Holly, ivy, and pinecones, so symbolic of the season, can intertwine with your existing decorations, adding a charming and intimate hominess of wintery landscapes. It’s a delightfully effortless way to encapsulate the season’s spirit and create a festive ambience in your home.

At Roccia, we’re committed to helping you enhance your lifestyle, especially when the air is filled with the tingling anticipation of the holiday season. Allow us to help you craft a memorable holiday experience with expert advice and the rich palette of innovation we bring to your canvas!

Visit our tile showrooms in Preston and Bolton today to get inspired, or enquire online for a FREE consultation with our award-winning team to find out how we can transform your space.

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