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Ah, showers – where would we be without them? In this modern age, baths have taken a bit of a back seat to these time-saving triumphs, and now the shower reigns supreme.

But showers aren’t just a practical option for your bathroom; they can be a stylish addition too. And with some proper planning, it’s easier than you might think to craft the shower of your dreams.



Want to know more? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a quick guide to some tile-tastic design ideas to style up your shower. Get ready to be inspired!

Make a Statement

If you’re going to make a statement with your bathroom design, then say it with your shower.

Some vibrant or bold patterned tiles will work wonders for your shower space and really bring it to life.

If this sounds a little too daring for your tastes, you can keep thing a little more low-key by limiting the statement tiles to one area of your shower, creating a feature wall instead.

You could also try adding a border around the top and bottom of your shower with some unique decorative tiles. This will add extra visual interest to your design.



Terrific Textures

Why not add a little textural beauty to your shower with some unique textured tiles?

Mosaic tiles have a great look and feel, adding a whole new dimension to your shower’s aesthetic.




Natural Neutrals

Get inspired by nature and give your shower a serene, spa-like feel with some natural stone tiles.

If it’s a more calming atmosphere you’re going for, always opt for neutral colours too. In addition to keeping the room light and bright, these subtle tones will transform your shower into a haven of tranquillity.

So there we have it, our top tile tips for sprucing up your shower space. Full of inspiration now? Then make sure to check out our fantastic selection of gorgeous, high-quality tiles. From marvellous mosaic tiles to stunning stone tiles, we have everything you need to make you dream shower a reality. All you have to do is contact a member of our friendly team, by giving us a call on 01772 550 900 today!

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