SPRING/SUMMER ’15: Pantone’s Colour Predictions for the Upcoming Season

When it comes to decorating your home to on-trend perfection, keeping track of the season’s top-pick shades, styles and interior palettes is a must. Make a scrapbook, and create your own gallery of your favourite colour combinations, style details and interior themes, making sure that when transforming your home – you’ve got the most suited and most enhancing interior theme.

With 2014’s A/W collection boasting a palette of rich, earthy and natural hues, it’s lovely to see Pantone’s pick of the upcoming S/S shades being that of a cooler and softer spectrum. From understated brights to nature-like neutrals and washed-out tones – here’s Pantone’s colour predictions for Spring 2015.



As a unique and wonderful hue, whether on its own in contrast with complementary tones, Marsala serves as the season’s favourite S/S 2015 palette. Bold, delicious and daring – Marsala provides a confidence in style, and stability in timeless design, complementing both living room and dining room aesthetics.

Enhance rich Marsala tones with wooden and natural materials, providing a sophisticated and natural earthiness.


The lead colour of Spring/Summer 2015 is set to be the dreamy shade of aquamarine, a cool, calming and ethereal blue. Similar to other dusty blue shades, aquamarine offers a watery and flowing feel to its aesthetic, and can provide a calming quality to an interior.

Opt for placement within a bathroom, hallway or living room setting in order to create a minimalist yet restful atmosphere. For darker surrounds, opt for aquamarine furnishings to add a subtle yet not-too-bold statement.

Lucite Green

Similar to ‘mint’ shades, Lucite Green has been used as a soothing green shade throughout interior decors, providing a fresh, clarifying and refreshing glow to any modern and traditional aesthetic. Light in weight, and also in tone, Lucite Green is ideal for adding a transparent and delicate touch to other shades whilst enhancing a calming environment.

Opt for Lucite Green details, such as furnishings and ornaments, against monochrome and statement-making black and white palettes for a stylised and modern room aesthetic.

Toasted Almond

Bringing a balance of both cool and sophisticated, Toasted Almond offers a comforting warmth to an interior, and is a perfect resemblance of the spring and summer seasons. Timeless, versatile, and organic – creamy hues are ideal for adding authenticity and stylised simplicity to a space.

Toasted Almond is the perfect all-over colour to enhance both small and larger spaces, and provides a clean and fresh aesthetic throughout.


If looking to give your abode’s interior a complete style overhaul, Treetop is a natural and rich green shade that really will provide a new beginning. A harmonious and simplistic aesthetic, this soothing tone is said to relax inhabitants, and provide a soothing and calming atmosphere to any interior.

As Treetop is such a statement-making shade, consider highlighting its richness by contrasting its presence with a monochromatic or blue hue. Add plants and other natural elements to reinforce the simplistic palette.


Here at Roccia, we’re passionate about colour, and provide the latest in tiles and features to suit the current trends and interior design palettes. We provide a unique, innovative and stylish range of tile styles to enhance any home, and our friendly and professional team are always happy to answer any questions you may have. So, for more information or a little interior design-inspiration – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 258 998 today!

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