Style Your Home Perfect: Classic Colour Combinations

When choosing tiles for your home, you can get bogged down trying to pick a colour; well the good news is that you don’t have to just choose one; there are many different colour combinations that work wonderfully together and give the room in question a certain je ne sais quoi. To help you to style your home perfect, we’re going to show you a few colour combinations that look absolutely breath-taking wherever they are placed!

Grecian Glamour – Gold and White 

There’s nothing more glamorous than Grecian beauty; it’s a perfect way to add a first class ambience to your home. Two classic colours that work together beautifully are white and gold. Effortless simple yet utterly stunning this combination adds a serene atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation. Use this in the bathroom for a marvellous effect that is bound to impress.

Natural Elegance – Green and Brown

Use natural green and brown together to create a room that just creates natural elegance that is just divine. Pastel variants of these colours will create a softer atmosphere, however, deep forest green together with natural mahogany shades will add a marvellous bold aesthetic to your home that is absolutely magical. We have a vast range of porcelain floor tiles that will work fabulously as part of this colour combination. Green and brown is an exceptional choice for the living room.

Retro Patterns – Black and White

Retro styles are back, which means that the monochrome style is here to stay – as you’re probably already aware black and white go perfectly together and is the perfect way to zone areas in your bathroom. Use small tiles to really embrace the retro style – you can get really creative and create a number of patterns with our mosaic tiles. Alternatively use large statement tiles for a bolder look!

Contemporary Bold – Red, Blue and Yellow

Using primary colours (red, blue and yellow) is a perfect way to embody a contemporary aesthetic and make a statement with your interior design. A fabulous way to use these colours is by combining them with white to make a fantastic contrast that looks sensational! These colours are perfect for use in the kitchen or for a child’s room.

These colour combinations look utterly stunning and will ensure that your home looks and feels marvellous – we’re sure all of your visitors will be green with envy when they visit your newly transformed home!

For more help and guidance when it comes to choosing your tiles, please see our infographic; The Step By Step Guide to a Tile Tastic Home or get in contact with our exceptional team who will me more than happy to help you to make this all-important decision. Alternatively pop down to our showrooms in Preston or Bolton.

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