Unique Wall Tile Styles for Both Indoor and Outdoor Design

Here at Tile Mart, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most innovative of tile design, showcasing beautifully traditional and minimal modernity to provide a comprehensive and suitable-for-all homes tile collection.

This year’s tile trends showcase unique and fresh styles, demonstrating contemporary pattern and textured aesthetics to promote sensational surface quality and never-before-seen interior décor appearances.

Here are a few of the favourite pattern and textured tile treasures that should be in every design-focused home this upcoming season!

Outdoor Textures


This year’s favourites include beautiful and artistic textures to give a sense of depth and a one-off quality. Textural qualities offer simplistic detailing to any sized space, and can create both enlarging and down-sizing qualities depending on preference and room size. The Niagara Antracita tile offers the ideal tiling option for outdoor and exterior spaces, providing detailed and unique surfaces for any paved garden area.


The Niagara tile range offers a fine blend of both ancient and contemporary styles, creating an artistic and creative outcome in any traditional or modern surround – the perfect tiling choice for any interior or exterior space that needs a touch of subtle detail or delicate yet classic design.


The Tebas Beige tile offers a small scale alternative to the large format textured Niagara range. Its speckled colour quality adds warmth to a wall, allowing tonal ranges through simplistic appearance. Browns, mid hues and earth tones are the season’s favourites, and will look astonishing complemented by gloss floor tiles of a similar palette and contrasted with freshly cut green lawns.


Natural stones and earthy hues are massively on-trend for the current and upcoming season, offering a crisp and clean setting to both indoor and outdoor décor designs. The Re-works Multi Outdoor range is the epitome of clean and stylish stone tiling – providing natural stone patterns to give depth and aesthetic appearance to any sized floored area.


The Re-works Multi Outdoor range interprets both contemporary styles and nature-inspired textures to create a completely versatile tile design. The unique and various stone qualities provide unique and graphic combinations that offer one-off appearances throughout the collection due to each tiles unique printing and texture.


Pattern Indoors

Blue china


The Lane Relieve Aqua tile, heavily influenced by blue china detailing, demonstrates the dreamiest of tiling options for any wall surface. The delicate watercolour palette of faded hues makes it ideal for colour-pairing with bold and monochrome tile placements, i.e. bright whites and grey tones.


Simplistic nature

For a little nature-inspired décor, the Comfort Blanco Actum tile offers the best of both worlds with its delicate detailing and strong monochrome colour palettes, creating a soft yet bold tile print. Natural tile prints are a popular trend of the current season, and offer a simple yet heavily fashionable picture-like image to complement room decors, rather than wall-hangings or canvas additions.

Photographic imagery tiles offer a refined beauty and decorative quality, adding sophistication to any traditional or modern living space.

Pop Retro


The Décor Pop Negro tile offers a sixties vibe in new art perfection. A large scale tile with easy-join edgings makes it the ideal tile for any large space area to add dramatics to any household room, adding a clash of shape and colour to any modern or traditional settings. The tile range offers classic inspirations with a modern twist, offering delicate shading and reflection effects creating a striking and contemporary appearance in any design-focused surrounding.

For further information regarding our beautiful and unique indoor and outdoor tile collections, from stone patio tiles to mosaic bathroom tiles, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team on 01772 258 998 today!

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