What Colour Floor Tiles Go with a Cream Kitchen?

When decorating your home, one of the most important things to make sure that you get right is the colour. Your chosen hues should help to give the room the atmosphere that you want to create, and they should work together to create the room you were dreaming of.

In most homes, the kitchen is the hub of the home; a space where you can relax, create, socialise, and feed your family. As it is such an important part of any family home, creating the right atmosphere through the core components, such as the kitchen units, wall tiles and floor tiles is key.

In this article, we take a closer look at exactly what floor tiles should be paired up with a cream kitchen, to ensure that your home stays on-trend for years to come.

Monochromatic Colours: The Modern Look

Pairing cream with white might not seem like the most ground-breaking idea or even a good idea! However, white and cream can come together to achieve a modern, minimalistic design that can be quite calming when done right.

Cream has yellow undertones, so when it is put next to white, the subtle yellow hints are a lot easier to spot. The addition of white tiles means that you don’t need to worry about the room looking too clinical as you draw out these subtle yellow shades.

When using white tiles, the key is to invest in high-quality tiles that will stand the test of time. It’s no secret that installing white furnishings into any home can be risky, as they can become worn down over time. That’s why the purchasing team here at ROCCIA only source tiles of the very highest-quality from renowned suppliers from around the globe.

If white isn’t right for you, then we would definitely suggest taking a closer look at black and grey floor tiles, as they can fit in perfectly with a cream colour scheme. Capable of bringing a natural contrast to your cream units and décor, black and greys are renowned for their modern aesthetic and bring about a completely different dynamic than other colours.

Whether you opt for white ceramic floor tiles or dark porcelain floor tiles, you can rest assured that your cream kitchen will be perfectly balanced throughout. Don’t forget to spend some time considering what colour and style of fixtures and accessories you would like to compliment your cream kitchen and new floor tile choice too!

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Burlington tiles in grey look fantastic when paired up with white, cream and other neutral tones. You could then choose chrome fixtures as in the picture below to really complete the look.


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The Kiko tiles in beige can add a little touch of excitement despite their neutral colours. Although they are pictured as wall tiles, they can also be used as floor tiles thanks to their robust make-up.


Earthy Tones: The Rustic Look

Rustic styles are an ever-growing trend within home design, and this is especially true for interior kitchen design. Instilling a more rustic style into your home can help to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for the kitchen.

You can use earthy tones such as brown and burnt orange to get that rustic feel in an otherwise cream kitchen. When using earthy tones in any room, there is always a danger of the room feeling a little dated; to counter this, we would suggest adding a splash of colour to the room, as this is a great way of overcoming any concerns about having a dull and potentially old fashioned kitchen. Complementary colours such as blues and greens can add a much-needed pop of colour which will help to break up the room little, whilst also bringing the room into the 21st century in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Bright Hues: An Adventurous Look

It’s fair to say that neutral colours are not right for everybody, and if you prefer bright and bold colours to break up cream colours in the home, then why not in the kitchen? Bright colours don’t have to be saved for furnishings and accessories; instead, you could opt for colourful floor tiles that offer that splash of colour that you want to include. When working with cream, you have the freedom to use almost any colour with it thanks to its unrivalled adaptability. However, it is advisable to think about the base colour of the cream to ensure that you can choose a shade that will complement it perfectly. Cream has a yellow tone to it, so be sure to take the time to think about any colours that properly complement this hue.

Analogous Colours – these are the colours that sit directly next to yellow on the colour wheel, which are yellow green and green.

Complementary Colours – this is the colour that sits directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel, which is violet.

Triadic Colours – these are the two colours that are spaced equally on the wheel, making a triangle. These are blue and red.

Split Complement Colours – these are the two colours that sit next to the complementary colour. These are blue violet and red violet.

This means that these colours are perfect to pair up with cream tones and can be used to add a little brightness to your kitchen.

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The Fiandre Precious Stones collection offers fantastic colours that can be used for walls or floors. The tiles mimic the patterns that can be found in precious stones such as amethyst, malachite and amber.


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Bringing through some darker tones into your cream kitchen, our range of Dolphin wood effect floor tiles perfectly complement lighter interiors.


Country Living: Introduce Wood Effect Tiles

Bringing wood effect floor tiles into your home can be a fantastic way to ensure you balance out the light hues of a predominantly cream kitchen, with some darker tones. Thanks to the robust porcelain material they are made from, this particular style of tile has become extremely popular for family homes, as their strength and durability is perfect for busy home environments.

Coming with all the aesthetic benefits of real wood flooring, but without the need for intense upkeep and maintenance, wood effect floor tiles are a fantastic option for any home.

Whilst there is an abundance of darker tiles on the market, don’t completely discount the lighter versions of wood effect floor tiles as they can bring a light and airy feel to your kitchen.

Marvellous Marble

Depending on your individual preference and existing interior design – you may want to opt for some stunning white marbled floor tiles or could potentially be swayed into purchasing grey or black marble tiles.

Of course, white marble tiles are best suited to those wanting to make their kitchen look as grand as possible, whilst also being especially useful for smaller kitchens as they have a natural ability to make spaces look much larger than they are.

Alternatively, you may be more interested in a darker hue when it comes to your marble effect floor tiles. Grey and black tiles are best used in homes where owners are looking to make a huge impact as soon as guests step into their kitchen. Capable of creating an unrivalled natural contrast to your cream kitchen, greys and blacks are especially striking in our marble effect floor tile range.

Many homeowners are turning to marble effect wall and floor tiles thanks to their stunning aesthetics from the natural veining effect and their low maintenance requirements.

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If you are looking to surround yourself with the unrivalled beauty of natural vein-cut marble, we would suggest investing in I Marmi tiles.



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