10 Interior Design Mistakes to Learn From: Part 1

Setting out on an interior design project can seem a little daunting, especially if you experiment with your interior design from time to time. It happens to everyone however, and while in the moment it may seem like a great idea, when you get your new antique rug home and it doesn’t quite go with your theme, you can instantly regret your impulsive choice.

What many individuals may not understand is that interior design takes an eye of precision and clear knowledge of exactly what you want to achieve. You may fall in love with an item the moment you see it, however this doesn’t mean it will fit in with your design.

Interior designers have a keen eye for the uses of colour, lighting, room size, scale and the placement of all these aspects, however that doesn’t mean you can’t become an expert in the field, especially within your own home.

If you’ve ever taken on an interior design project before, you may have stumbled into many obstacles and challenges, meaning mistakes can often be made along the way.

Here are some of those mistakes so that you can avoid them and have a smooth interior design journey. Make sure you keep an eye out for these potential challenges on your shopping excursions and room arrangements!

  1. The Scale of the Project

When you enter a room, it should feel like a cityscape. A combination of heights should please the eye as soon as you enter. You never want a room to have everything at the same level or even the same size. You can accomplish this by making sure your furniture is of assorted sizes and heights, and by getting creative with wall hangings, window treatments, table and any other accessories.

The scale of the project is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes anyone makes when it comes to interior design. Keep in mind that the key to this is to collect a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes and steer away from too many small items in one room, as well as too many large bulky items. Give the design a little variety!

If there is one thing you keep an eye out for during your interior design project, it is proportion and scale. With the right scaling, you will be well on your way to success.


  1. Impulsive Purchases

We are all prone to an impulsive buy, whether this be a Mulberry clutch or a velvet lamp, we’ve all been there. When you fall in love with an item, you just can’t resist, but maybe keep the receipt just in case you get it home and your handbag doesn’t quite match your shoes.

The same goes for any interior design item. That wine rack you found in the antique store may look like it will match your newly tiled kitchen, but when you get home it just doesn’t blend. When this happens, you’ll be relieved that you kept hold of your receipt.

Before heading into any furniture showroom or interior store, it’s best to have a plan in your head of exactly what you’re looking for, examples of your colour scheme and most important of all, measurements. You should also go with a specific budget in mind to prevent overspending. Having remorse about your new purchases isn’t a great feeling, so plan first and shop later.

  1. Not Asking for Help and Advice

Even the most skilled and experienced interior designers make the odd mistake, and while it can sometimes be difficult to spot those in a fully-furnished and completed room, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can solve the design puzzle.

Whether you ask an expert or even a friend or family member for an honest opinion on your choice of colours, room arrangement and fabrics, you can really open your eyes to any potential errors or regrets. They may even have some tips or tricks which you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

If you disagree with the second opinion, it might be worthwhile for you to ask for a third. After all, listening to advice doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take it. After all, it is your home design and has to be unique to you.


  1. Arranging Accessories and Collections

Everyone has a collection of some sort, whether this be books on a bookcase, or wine displayed in a wine cabinet. Somehow that one novel turned into an entire array of classics and you know need somewhere to display your pride and joy, but what is the proper way to arrange your collection?

An improper way would be to scatter your collection around the home. One set of books on a fireplace and one on the coffee table makes for a cluttered, scattered look.

No matter what accessory you like to collect, it is best to display them in an arrangement or as a group. There are some rules you can follow to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, such as the rule of three.

Whatever you do, be sure to gather your much-loved collections and display them proudly, and of course, properly.

Dining Room

  1. Hand-Me-Downs

We all have hand-me-downs or pieces of furniture and accessories which have been given to us. While some are loved and prized possessions, others are simply weighing you and your interior design dreams down.

Much of the time, upcycling and transforming the item can be a cool and quirky way of adding an alternative flare to the room. If you aren’t the biggest lover of a certain item but it does have some practical uses, try and change it to match your style or theme of the room it belongs in.

Keep an eye on our blog to find out five more mistakes which you can learn from.

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