5 Ways to Turn Your Tiles into a Feature

It probably comes as no surprise to you, that here at Roccia, we love tiles! We are firm believers in using tiles throughout the whole home, whether you choose natural stone kitchen wall tiles or even ceramic wall tiles. Every room can benefit from a tiled feature to spruce things up a little, so why not take a look at our suggestions and discover five ways to turn your tiles into a feature.

Crazy Colours

There aren’t many better ways to make a bold statement than with plenty of colours! Whether you want to use one block colour or mix a few together, you can really give your room a whole new look with coloured tiles. We’ve recently talked about feature floors, but we think colourful tiles would also be great for feature walls! You could create a great headboard alternative by covering the wall behind your bed in your favourite coloured tile, or, for a simpler look, choose one section to tile.

Tiles - Colours

Simple Simplicity

Sure, bright and bold colours can be a great way of turning your tiles into a feature, but, if sunshine yellow bathrooms and lime green kitchens aren’t quite your thing, you can’t go wrong with a little simplicity. Using neutral colours and plain designs can have just as much impact on a room as using loud colours and patterns. This works particularly well when designing a vintage-style room, although it can never hurt to add a pop of colour. Perhaps you could create a neutral bathroom with tiled walls, but add coloured accessories such as towels.

Tiles - Simple

Repurpose & Recycle

Tiles don’t always have to be used in a conventional way. In fact, the less traditional, the better! Why not repurpose some of your old tiles and use them to create a completely unique item for your home. You could transform an old coffee table by creating a tiled mosaic, or even create your own piece of art to hang on the walls – adding a little personality into your home.

mosaic table stone at coffee shop in garden

Tackle Tradition

When you think of tiles, you probably think of kitchens and bathrooms. Don’t feel like you have to be tied by this – there are plenty of other rooms in the house that would benefit from getting a tile makeover. When you use tiles in a room that doesn’t traditionally feature tiles, they instantly become a feature and focus. If you live in an open plan house, you could merge a tiled kitchen floor with a wooden dining room floor to really make the most of your open plan space.

Tiles - Room

Beautiful Backdrops

If you have a particularly beautiful feature in your home such as an old fireplace, why not make it really stand out by adding some tiling? You could even turn something ordinary into a feature – an alcove with built in shelving can be transformed by adding a tiled backdrop. Think about using patterned tiles to really make an impression.

Tiled Fireplace - iStock_000070294447_Medium

Creating a feature in your home is a great way to inject a little of your personality into a room, so the most important thing is that you love it! Choose tiles in your favourite colour, pick a pattern that jumps out at you, and experiment to get the look you want.

Whether you decide to use crazy colours or beautiful backdrops, one thing’s for certain – you’re going to need some fantastic tiles! That’s where we come in – take a look at our online shop, and if you would like to find out more about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Simply give us a call on 01772 258998 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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