Common Tiling Problems: Tackling Odd Shapes


Picture this:

You’ve just walked into your bathroom, it’s an odd shape, walls jutting out and sinking into nowhere. You’ve come to the conclusion that there’s either a secret room hidden between your bathroom and your guest bedroom, or the architect simply hadn’t a clue what he was doing when he mapped out the blue prints for the house.

Either way you have an odd shaped bathroom, and there’s nothing you can do about it. There are awkward acute corners you can’t use, and irritating gaps between your shower, sink and toilet you can’t fill with anything larger than your toilet rolls. Shall we talk about your floor or should we pretend that the porcelain floor tiles you so desperately want aren’t still sitting in the store while you figure out how to make them fit?


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Decorating your… shall we say unique, bathroom has been a constant cause of confusion. Tiles don’t fit correctly, leaving gaps of unprotected walls to collect unsightly mould, your flooring is still covered in carpet because let’s face it, how do you expect a good quality tile to snugly hug the base of your shower, and those awkward bathroom corners… well we won’t go into the botch-job painting and numerous different sized tiles over the years have created.

You’re pretty much at your wits end. Something has to be done, and soon, before you rip the tiles from the walls, paint over the damp and leave your window permanently open.

It sounds to us like you need to speak to a professional. To somebody who dedicates themselves to the aesthetical and efficient use of household tiles, no matter where in the home they are. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got the solution to all of your DIY nightmares and it comes in two simple words; bespoke services.


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When it comes to taking on odd-shaped rooms, we’re experts in coming up with a creative solution. We believe you deserve the best, that your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, utility room… even your living room deserves quality service and a quality product. We deal in bespoke services for your walls, your floor and even any features you’re wanting to install in your humble abode.

Using only the best in technological, in house machinery and 3D designs, our creative, innovative and experienced team work tirelessly to bring the design of your dreams to life. All you have to do is take a step back, look around that odd bathroom of yours and try to picture it a little different. What if your mirror had a unique mosaic pattern adorning it and stretching halfway around your bathroom? Petering off towards your shower where they grow larger and give your fretful walls full, secure coverage.


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Now take a look at your floor. Carpet is an unhygienic material to have in this particular room. Imagine your ideal porcelain floor tiles in their place, snug, clean and fitted to perfection along the skirting boards, the base of your sink and your toilet.

There are many common tiling problems we can help you overcome. From finding the right bespoke tile to fit into your bathroom, to the right texture to feel under your feet, to the best design and look for your desired room, we really do it all!

Here at Roccia, as well-known tile suppliers, we make your dreams a reality, your bathroom need not be a place to fear entering anymore – ┬áso relax, breathe and pick up the phone!

If you’d like to know more about what tiles and bespoke designs we can offer your home, contact us on 01772 258998 today!

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