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Acquabella is the brand for avant-garde bathroom designs. Established in 1994, Aquabella manufactured acrylic shower trays and bathtubs in Castellon, in Spain’s Valencia region before expanding into a full range of bathroom products, including washbasins, bespoke worktops, showers, wall panels and dynamic bathroom furniture.

Acquabella allows its customers to go beyond their imagination to craft their dream bathroom with true innovation at the highest quality. The extensive range of bathtubs, made exclusively in Spain, are intricately crafted by experts before being exported across the globe. Innovation is put into each and every design, ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with their bathroom.Acquabella

The Acquabella Brand

Acquabella is all about avant-garde style that brings their customer’s ideas to life. The enthusiasm Acquabella has for creating bathrooms is evident in their designs and the expertise of their craft, where they combine both creativity and passion into every piece they create.

Acquabella focuses on the detail, following the latest design trends. Their designers never compromise on the high quality that they imbue into everything they design and manufacture. They pride themselves on their ability to adapt to their customer’s needs without losing their own style. This flexibility allows them to predict and anticipate customers’ future needs and build bathroom pieces that arouse emotions and allow people to experience their bathroom’s true life in all its elegance and beauty.


From Imagination to Design

The brand’s commitment to their ethos ‘You Imagine, We Create’ has stood firm over 25 years, with the customer placed at the very centre of the bathroom design process. Customers envisage their dream bathroom design and Acquabella breathes life into it.

Each design Acquabella takes on begins with the story, and their designers bring that idea to life whilst keeping the aspirations of their customer’s in mind at all times. Combining expert craftsmanship and stunning aesthetics with practicality for day to day use, the brand achieves bathroom perfection for each customer.


Continuous Development

To maintain their position as one of the world’s leading bathroom brands, Acquabella understands the importance of continuous improvement to their processes and operations. They are committed to adopting a responsible attitude when it comes to sustainability and quality. With that in mind, Acquabella ensures that all bathroom pieces are crafted from environmentally friendly materials like Dolotek and Akron.

Dolotek can be easily moulded into complex and functional shapes, making virtually any bathroom piece a possibility. The material is high-quality and durable, and its non-porous surface makes cleaning quick and easy. Akron’s surface is treated with a coating that provides exceptional properties and resistance to UV radiation; it can also be easily moulded into unique shapes for practically any design too.


A Vision for Life in Your Bathroom

With over 25 years of experience, the Acquabella team pride themselves on their flexibility to mould to their customer’s wishes and create a bathroom that becomes more than just a place to wash, but a place to enjoy life.

Innovation for the Future

Synonymous with innovation and development, Acquabella is constantly refining the textures they use in their bathroom design, as well as the processes that create their products. And they are committed to reviewing the packaging they use for environmental benefits. Everything at Acquabella can be adapted, changed or improved in line with the individual customer’s needs so that they receive the very best end-product.

By always thinking about the future and how they can continue improving and offering their customers more, Acquabella has earned global renown and acclaim.


For a bathroom of the highest quality made with true innovation in mind, Acquabella could be the brand for you. If you appreciate the beauty and unique nature of Acquabella bathrooms, you should come and take a look for yourself. At Roccia, you can see our full range of bathrooms from a variety of brands, including Acquabella, in our Preston showroom. Take a look on our website to see the range of bathrooms we have available, or pop down to our bathroom showroom in Preston so we can impress you in person. Contact us today to find out more.

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