Bathroom Facts to Assist With Your Renovation

Renovating a bathroom can be an overwhelming experience with many factors to consider before making big decisions. If you’re refurbishing a family bathroom, you will need to think about elements that, if you were working on an en-suite, you wouldn’t consider. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to renovating a bathroom, which is why it’s vital that you take into consideration the functionality of the space. 

Looking at the facts and figures can help you make important decisions about your bathroom renovation. For example, how often will the room get used each day? Do you need to consider symmetry to benefit the space’s aesthetics? Let’s find out more and discover how the award-winning design team here at Roccia can assist. 

When Is It Time to Consider a Bathroom Renovation? 

In short, you can renovate your bathroom as often as you like. However, it is recommended as a general rule to consider a renovation every seven to ten years. By this point, your décor could be a little dated and requires a modern refresh, and you may start to notice some unavoidable wear and tear that needs addressing before it worsens. 

However, you may need to consider a renovation sooner than this if the space’s functionality has changed within that time. For example, if your family has grown, you may need to move fixtures and fittings to provide more space. Or, your family could have switched bedrooms, meaning an en-suite may not be to the new occupant’s taste. 

Whenever it is, there are various factors to consider when the time comes to renovate, and we know the perfect place to start.  Beautiful grey marble bathroom with large rectangular mirror and spotlights

Why Looking at Facts and Figures Will Assist With Your Bathroom Renovation 

When considering a bathroom renovation, there are several ways to start. As experts in bathroom design, we believe that the best way to go about a bathroom renovation is by looking at the facts and figures. It’s crucial to evaluate the space you have and how you use it before going in with a bulldozer, as you may make decisions based simply on aesthetics and not realise the importance of functionality, especially in a room with so much traffic, such as the bathroom. 

How Often Do We Visit the Bathroom a Day? 

Speaking generally, an individual will go to the bathroom between four and ten times per day, depending on factors such as age, health, and time spent at home. In addition, most people will shower or bathe once per day on average, and two more trips per day per person on average for teeth brushing. But, of course, this also doesn’t take into account any other visits to the bathroom for cleaning, using toiletries, organising towels, and any additional time you spend in the room. 

Times these figures by how many people use that bathroom in your home, and you have a number that you may be quite surprised about. The bathroom is an incredibly high-traffic room, which means it must be functional. For example, your bathroom floor tiles must be durable, so choosing them based on their material is a great start. Our ceramic floor tiles are great for high-traffic, moist rooms such as the bathroom, as they are water-resistant and incredibly tough. 

Where Is the Best Place to Hang Toilet Roll? 

The ergonomics of your bathroom should be at the forefront of your decisions regarding remodelling, including the best placement for toilet rolls to hang. According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), there are specific measurements you must consider when positioning your wall-mounted toilet roll holder. 

  • 26 inches above the floor or centered 
  • 8-12 inches from the toilet bowl (lower for those shorter than average and higher for those taller than average) 

This positioning is based on the comfort of the members of your household and will avoid straining and stretching, ultimately improving the ergonomics of your bathroom.  Stunning marble four piece bathroom with hidden LED lights

Does Symmetry Matter? 

If you want to achieve a sense of relaxation and calm in your space, we recommend ensuring that your aesthetics are symmetrical. This doesn’t mean that the distance between towels needs to be measured, but it just means that your bathroom features balance and both sides of your room are equal in terms of colour scheme, fixtures and fittings, and bathroom décor. 

For example, consider a modern take on his and hers sink and separate these to either side of your room. If you have a plant on the left, choose a similar plant for the right to bring the space together and provide users with the balance they need to feel calm when they enter the room. 

Additionally, stick with one colour on your walls. Our bathroom wall tiles are available in a wide range of colours, so you can select the tone that feels right in your space, creating a tranquil space and reflecting your personal style. 

Water Sustainability: What Do I Need to Consider? 

Considering eco-conscious factors when designing your bathroom is essential today as we attempt to improve sustainability in our homes, hoping to do our bit for climate change. In terms of your bathroom renovation, there are several facts to think about that could influence your design plans: 

  • A leaking tap can waste over 450 litres of water daily, so upgrading your faucets before they break is essential. 
  • An average bath requires over 160 litres of water, so implementing a shower also provides you with the option of a quicker, more efficient bathing choice for daily use. 
  • Drying your bath towels and using them a couple of times is much more energy efficient than washing after each use, so consider heated towel rails.

Beautiful en-suite bathroom with marble tiles from Roccia

Also, choosing our luxury bathroom brands based on their sustainability as a company is a great way to ensure you make the best eco-conscious choices. For example, our Artelinea bathrooms use recycled glass as part of their zero-environmental impact promise. 

For more advice on your bathroom renovation, please enquire online for your FREE design consultation. Alternatively, visit our bathroom showrooms in Bolton and Preston to see our stunning displays for yourself and envisage what your home could look like with our help. 

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