New Retro Bathrooms: In or Out?

Choosing the right style for your home is one thing, but ensuring that whatever you choose won’t date in that timeframe is another. Deciding on your bathroom design is a big decision and a significant commitment, especially if you’re changing fixtures and fittings. These usually last between seven and ten years before they need updating again, so making the right decision is essential.

That is why selecting an aesthetic that merges traditional and contemporary is an excellent decision. You get the benefits of modern bathroom design with the history and evergreen look of classic style, especially regarding new retro.

We’re helping you choose your bathroom design by exploring more about new retro and how you can incorporate this trend into your home.

Clashing patterns in a stunning mew retro bathroom

What is New Retro?

When choosing an interior design theme for your home, many people lean toward the idea of nostalgia and comforting aesthetics as they provoke a welcoming and homely feel. These choices lead to retro designs cropping up in interior trends, with more people wishing to connect with childhood or old family homes and create that sense of homeliness and comfort.

New retro is the epitome of this. It has been an increasing favourite for interior design lovers, allowing them to recreate comforting and retro aesthetics with contemporary twists and innovative modern technology.

The bathroom must convey comfort and calm, so a new retro design is a perfect fit for this space; let’s find out more about how you can create this look in your own home.

Array of different coloured tiles perfect for new retro bathrooms

New Retro Colour Schemes

One of the great things about new retro is that you have the option to completely customise your design and make it as ‘you’ as you can; there are no hard and fast rules. Whether you draw inspiration from your childhood bathroom or photoshoots from old interior design magazines, you must incorporate bold and bright colours into your style choices to get the new retro look.

While this might seem daunting to those who prefer a neutral colour palette, diving in with a bold golden shade or vibrant green is a great way to step outside your design comfort zone and try something new.

There are plenty of ways to do this; whether you choose bright bathroom wall tiles or want the full effect of matching wall and bathroom floor tiles, the choice is yours. As long as you pair your bright tones with black accents to give the overall finish a contemporary edge, you can guarantee that you will have achieved the new retro look.

Geometric bathroom floor tiles available at Roccia

The Importance of Geometry

Geometric shapes are crucial to a great new retro bathroom design as they bring in the history of classic bathroom design, such as the art deco movement and can be incorporated easily in various places around the space. For example, in the form of wall or floor tiles or through decorative items such as mirrors or artwork.

Geometry adds a layer of chicness to your space. The visual structure acts as another calming element to your bathroom, providing symmetry, often favoured when deciding on bathroom aesthetics as it conveys order and balance.

The floor tiles pictured above are our Retro Wind Rose tiles from our Retro tile range. They are the perfect accompaniment for a bold colour palette as they bring the flare and edge of retro and art deco design with the benefits of modern tile manufacturing.

Modern green and white new retro style bathroom

Can Retro Designs Ever Be Modernised?

In short, yes! There are plenty of ways you can modernise a retro bathroom if you love classic and nostalgic aesthetics but need the functionality of modern bathroom design.

Typically, modern bathrooms are all about bright whites, open plan spaces, and clean lines, but new retro bathrooms don’t often fit into this style bracket. Because of this, you must be able to decipher between contemporary aesthetics and modern functionality and choose carefully to ensure you still get the new retro design you want.

For example, making your flooring a focal point through geometric tiles, as mentioned, is a great way to bring in Art Deco or retro style, but choosing a modern basin and faucet will allow you to have the functionality of a modern bathroom.

Similarly, while you may want to go all out with your retro design, updating your fixtures to new models when you renovate is crucial. Stepping back in time with your aesthetics is a great idea, but the last thing you want is a low water pressure shower or leaky faucet, so it’s best to stay in the present day with these fittings.

How Can Roccia Help?

Here at Roccia, we proudly offer an extensive array of bathroom tiles in our tile showroom in Preston and Bolton. You will find an incredible selection of geometric tiles suitable for the most stunning new retro bathroom, as well as all the fixtures and fittings you need to create a functional space for your household.

Speak to our award-winning design team at our bathroom showroom to find out what we can do for you; enquire online for your FREE consultation today.

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