How Can Large Format Tiles Elevate Your Interior Design?

When it comes to all things tiles, here at Roccia, we are continually looking for the latest trends and styles to bring directly to our customers.

In recent blog posts, we have looked at how to create an industrial-chic design using wood effect tiles and other details, and even how to use patterned tiles in 2018. But one of the more recent trends to generate excitement within our showrooms are large format tiles.

These can be used in several different settings throughout a home, effortlessly elevating your interior design from drab to fab.

What Are Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are tiles that have an edge longer than 300x300mm (12”x12”). Our Nordica range, for instance, are as large as 453x758mm and were first introduced to the interior design market around 2013.

This fresh style can be used in a variety of areas around your home for all different purposes, from the main walls in a bathroom to a feature in your living room, and with such a range of styles to choose from, they are certain to brighten up any area.

The tiles are installed in the same way as the rest of our extensive range, however, the area of installation must be level in order to achieve the best results.

Advantages of Large Format Tiles

One of the major advantages of using large format tiles is that due to their size, fewer tiles are required to complete an area within your home.

This means less fiddly work with a less amount of tiles and, due to the nature of the tiles, they are significantly easier to install and maintain.

Large Format Tiles from Roccia

The tiles come in a range of materials, meaning that you can quite literally adapt them to suit any area of your home – from bathrooms to bedrooms to kitchens.

As with all of our tiles, you can rest assured that whichever style you select, the tiles will be durable, on trend and smooth.

However, large format tiles in particular are known for their high strength capabilities, meaning you can benefit from your beautiful tiles for years to come.

In addition to all of this, the large format tile is known for its sophisticated and elevating look.

A top trend of 2018, the very in-demand style creates a spacious and larger look to a room and, when paired with the minimalist style that numerous tiles come in, executes a superb finish.

Where It Is Best To Use Them

Dependent on which style you select, there are several areas of your home where you can use these versatile tiles.

One of the most popular areas is in the bathroom, where the tiles can be used across both the flooring and the walls for a high-impact, luxe look.

Favoured for their impermeable materials, the tiles ensure that any water spilt is quick and efficient to clean up, and their striking size ensures that they make quite the interior statement.

The same idea is replicated throughout the home, with interior designers opting for large format tiles in kitchens, walkways or halls, and even bedrooms.

Bedroom with Large format tiles from Roccia

The tiles lend themselves much better to larger, open spaces, meaning that they are suitable for all of the above areas.

So why delay? Pop into one of our showrooms in Preston or Bolton to enquire, or contact us on 01772 382716 – our friendly team of experts are more than happy to help find the right large format tile style for you.

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