How to Create a Spring-Inspired Interior Design

With winter fading and spring already here, what better time to get ready for the upcoming season than now? With 2018 already showing us incredible interior designs trends, such as the ones you can find in our free e-brochure, you won’t lack for choice.

At Roccia, we aim to show you just how easy it can be to achieve the spring aesthetic you desire in your home. Below, you can find our tips for spring-inspired interior design styles that will make you fall in love with your brand-new décor!

Choose Wood Effect Tiles…

When you’re looking for a spring-inspired design, you may want to consider revamping your flooring as well, as it will tie everything together nicely – and can help you to anchor your furniture into stunning focal points by highlighting their features.

Few things say ‘spring’ more than wood and, at Roccia, we can definitely help with this. Wood effect tiles can give your interior design an airy, natural aesthetic that will refresh your décor and give it a rustic appeal that is in touch with nature.

spring-inspired interior design for this season

No matter where you want to place the tiles, be it the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, or the bathroom, wood effect tiles offer a beautifully clean look, as well as a warmth and richness to any space.

These tiles are also perfect for a variety of styles meaning that you can opt for a more traditional interior design, or one that’s contemporary, and even countryside-chic depending on the hues you choose and surrounding items used to complement your choice.

…Or Choose Gold Tiles

Gold is a beautiful colour for spring and can help you to create a stunning décor that will impress everyone! Our Versace Palace Living Gold Tiles are the epitome of elegance, class and luxury; one of the benefits of this range is that it works just as well in a contemporary setting as it does in a more traditional one.

Also, the bright tones of the tiles ensure that your space is always illuminated, making them a fantastic option for a spring remodel. Freshening up your interior design is easier than you think – just by choosing the right tile colours and style, you can completely transform the way a space looks.

gold tiles for a spring-inspired interior design

Open Up the Space

Springtime asks for airy spaces, so it’s the perfect opportunity to open up your home. You don’t have to knock down a wall or two to make this happen, though – simply rearranging furniture and removing clutter through a big spring clean can set you well on your way to accomplish this.

And, of course, don’t forget to open the curtains to let the sunlight in – with the days getting warmer and sunnier, it’d be a shame to lose out on natural light!

Embrace the Imperfections

While hygge has been incredibly popular over the past year or two, 2018 may see another trend rise to the top: wabi-sabi. This concept focuses on finding beauty in imperfect things and flaws, on what is easy and carefree – being authentic and staying true to yourself are part of this approach as well.

And what better time to make life simpler and reinvent yourself than in spring?

Wabi-sabi can add a ‘homely’ feel to your home too, a contrast to a more prim and proper style. For example, beds can be crumpled instead of tidy and unique one-off items are thought to add emotional wealth to your décor. Try it, we’re sure you’ll love this way of life.

Pretty Colour Palettes

Spring has connotations of brightness and airiness, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by adding colour to your interior design. Soft tones, such as powdery pink, duck egg blue, and a touch of mint, for example, may be fantastic options. You can choose to add colourful rugs and curtains, for example, or even create an accent wall with pretty stone tiles.

pretty pastel-coloured tiles for a spring-inspired interior design

Bring Spring Inside with the Right Accents

Allow your décor to blossom with spring-related decorations, from creating your very own interior garden with thick foliage, to using green freely around the home (in chair cushions, table lamps, paintings, etc.).

Play with patterns, revitalise your space with springtime shades (or ice cream colours!), and choose a theme that complements the brightness of spring well, such as tropical patterns. The options are limitless and can be tailored to your style and preferences.

Handmade is Back in Style

Traditional techniques and handmade furniture items are great choices for this spring. Celebrate the history and story of each piece, as well as the skill that took to create them and opt for woven rugs, handcrafted pottery, wicker baskets, wooden stools, and so much more. There’s no limit to what you can do to create a spring theme around your home!

This upcoming season, reinvent your interior design by transforming your home into a spring haven – and relish the inevitable brightness and airiness your new décor will offer!

Pop into our showrooms to see for yourself just how our tiles can transform your home into a spring wonderland; you can also ring us on 01772 382616 (Preston) or 01204 292623 (Bolton) to talk to a friendly member of our team. Alternatively, browse our website to explore our beautiful tiles and see which ones will fit your project the best and keep an eye on our blog page to get tips and inspiration for your interior design.

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