The Art of Creating a Sustainable Garden

April 2, 2024 10:00 am Published by

Creating a beautiful and sustainable garden is not just about planting greenery but also about integrating environmental consciousness into every aspect of the design....

Garden Tile Ideas

March 19, 2024 9:00 am Published by

Spring is the most popular time of the year for redesigning your garden as the weather begins to brighten up and we get ready...

Outdoor Tiles for Commercial Spaces

August 19, 2023 8:00 am Published by

Every commercial space deserves a flooring solution that withstands the test of time and enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the area. As...

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

June 26, 2023 9:00 am Published by

As outdoor living spaces become increasingly popular, the demand for outdoor kitchens has also grown. An outdoor kitchen allows you to take your cooking...

Renovating Your Holiday Home

May 16, 2023 9:00 am Published by

Holiday homes are your perfect place away from the city or work. Somewhere to enjoy locations such as the Jurassic Coast down in the...

Marble Effect: In or Out?

March 19, 2023 9:27 am Published by

When installing tiles or re-doing a kitchen or bathroom, you must choose something that you love, not just something that’s in at the moment,...

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