Renovating Your Holiday Home

Holiday homes are your perfect place away from the city or work. Somewhere to enjoy locations such as the Jurassic Coast down in the South West or explore the Lake District’s rolling hills and lush green treks. Whether you have found a gorgeous farmhouse or quaint cottage, when it comes to renovation, you may be dreaming of restoring it into your slice of paradise.

To help you make this dream become a reality, we’re exploring how you can renovate your holiday home with the help of Roccia.

Prioritising Your Renovations

Before you start drafting plans or deciding which parts of the home to begin renovating, the time scale and even budget for the work must be considered. Every project will have its custom timeline and budget; this gives you a base to see what you’re working with regarding renovations. Here are our top tips for creating budgets and timelines:

  • Outline the order in which you will renovate your holiday home’s rooms. Check out our blog for some inspiration and a clearer image of what you can and shouldn’t do when renovating your holiday home.
  • You’ll need to research and discover how much it will cost to carry out this project. Once this is done, you can begin to create a detailed budget. Budgeting allows you to keep control of your spending.
  • Since the weather isn’t quite warm enough to spend weekends outside, spring is a great time to renovate your holiday house because you can spend that time inside without feeling guilty about missing out on the sunshine.

Planning a renovation with wood and tile samples

Making Use of Your Space

From storage solutions to easy lighting hacks, our design experts have plenty of tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of a renovation.

For example, installing spacious sliding drawers within your kitchen cabinets can clear up room on your countertops. You can use this to store cooking essentials and a wine collection, or you can use it to hide appliances, such as fridges, inside cabinets. We have an impressive range of luxury kitchen brands, each with their own set of innovative storage solutions and ways to help you maximise your space.

In addition, building shelving into your walls is another way to make the best use of your space. This means you don’t have to take up space on the floors, allowing you to use that extra floor space with a statement-making piece of art or furniture.

Finally, we recommend using large format floor tiles in your holiday home. Typically, these residencies are more modest than your primary home, so maximising your space with this tile type is an excellent idea. Large format tiles create the illusion of expansive space as there are fewer grout lines, meaning the eye doesn’t get distracted, and the floor space appears bigger.

Adding Accessibility to Your Holiday Home

Accessibility is quickly becoming an important part of renovating. There are many ways that you can add accessibility to your holiday home renovation that won’t take away from your décor choices. Small things such as installing anti-slip outdoor tiles, widening walkways or improving lighting in entrances, walkways and steps can help you or your guests feel more comfortable. Additionally, if you are using your holiday home as a holiday let, it will be more appealing to those with disabilities.

Outdoor tiles on a stunning holiday home patio with infinity pool looking out to sea

Why the Small Details Matter

Renovations can take up a lot of time, but it is important to remember those smaller details. These details could make or break a renovation and add more value to your holiday home. This is because the finer details help boost the appeal of your home, encouraging more people to take an interest in renting your holiday home. In addition, if you’re not renting out your space, remember that investing in the small details is just as important for yourself as they help to elevate your holiday home and create a luxurious setting for you to relax in.

For example, something as small as matching the door handles on every door or selecting calming colour scheme with matching decor can make a big impact in your holiday home, creating a sense of unity.

Working With Your Outdoor Space

Any outdoor space can be a great plus to a renovation, especially in a holiday home. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to use this space all year round, enjoying as much of nature as you can. Here are some ways that you can use your space all year round, taking into consideration some of the latest outdoor trends:

  • Planting coordinating flowers and plants with your pathways will encourage you to take walks and explore the nature present in the earlier months of the year.
  • Creating a designated dining area is an excellent option for entertaining friends and family over the warmer months, even using it for the autumn months.
  • Planting a herb garden in the cooler months can give you an excuse to use space and promote a greener lifestyle.

If this sounds like what you have in mind for your holiday home but need some help in getting started, feel free to enquire online for your FREE design consultation. The team here at Roccia are more than equipped to provide you with the luxurious renovation your space needs.

Alternatively, you can speak to our team in person by visiting our flagship tile showroom in Preston or our tile showroom in Bolton. Here, you can see some of the outstanding products and luxury brands we offer that could help transform your holiday home.

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