Cosy Bathroom Tips to Help You Prepare for Winter

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s your escape away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home and the surroundings you need to relax, reset, and either get ready for the day or settle down for bed. Because of this, it’s essential that the space gives you what you need and looks good while doing so. 

Creating a cosy, welcoming feel in your bathroom is the best way to add to the tranquil atmosphere and give yourself a luxurious place to wind down and relax, but cosy and bathroom are two words you may struggle to combine. That is why we’re here to help. 

Today, we’re providing our expertise by offering some of our best cosy bathroom tips to help you prepare your space for winter. 

Switching Your Colour Scheme to a Cosier Palette 

One of the best things you can do to bring some cosy vibes to your bathroom is to switch up your colour scheme. Making your bathroom feel warm and inviting through colour is sure to reflect well throughout the room, so here are a few colour schemes that work well and bring in that welcoming feel to your space. 

  • Deep forest green and cream 
  • Navy blue and gold 
  • Orange and cream 
  • Neutral tones, such as beige, with gold accents 

Forget everything you know about warm tones; you don’t need to choose yellows or reds for your bathroom if that’s not your preferred pallet. Instead, we recommended some typically cool colours, such as green and blue, but when paired well with homely neutrals, such as magnolia, cream, or brown, they bring that comforting warmth. 

Our Versace tiles come in a range of warming neutral colours, such as browns and creams, making them a great example of how to use these shades to create cosiness. 

 Stunning Versace tiles in a bathroom

Upgrading Your Heating 

Another way to bring warmth to your bathroom is by literally making the room warmer! If your radiators require an upgrade, then make sure to get this looked at before the cold months hit. There’s nothing worse than walking into a freezing cold bathroom first thing in the morning or bracing yourself before you get out of the bath, so here are some tips for making your bathroom warmer with clever heating upgrades. 

Towel Rails  

Despite their name, towel rails do much more than warm up your towels. If you choose the right size for your space, you can benefit from just as much heat as a standard radiator. Moreover, because of their innovative design, you can wrap around your towels, socks, and anything else you want to heat up much easier than a radiator. You can now step out of the shower into a hug of warmth. 

Underfloor Heating 

If you’re renovating your bathroom in time for winter, consider installing underfloor heating. We have a fantastic range of bathroom floor tiles perfectly suited for underfloor heating, which is the perfect choice for ensuring you step inside your room into complete luxury. 

Incorporating Winter Scents 

Creating a cosy bathroom sanctuary is all about the senses. We’ve covered sight by looking into your colour scheme, touch by exploring heating options, and now smell. A great way to bring comforting warmth to your bathroom is through inviting wintery scents. So whether you choose a candle, diffuser, air freshener, or potpourri, spend time selecting your favourite smell to help bring together your room and create a space you won’t want to leave. 

 Beautiful cosy candles next to a bubble bath

Checking for Maintenance and Repairs 

Before you focus too much on aesthetics, you must make sure your fittings and fixtures are all working as they should. Here are some key factors to consider: 

  • Ventilation. One of the most common problems with bathrooms is poor ventilation. Because they are wet rooms, you must avoid mould and mildew by allowing your space to breathe. 
  • General cleaning. As mentioned above, many issues occur due to a lack of cleaning, such as a rise in mould and mildew. Stay on top of cleaning to avoid this. 
  • Leaks. Not only are leaks incredibly costly, but the water damage they can cause can be detrimental to your room. So check regularly for leaks to stay clear of an unwanted bill. 
  • Tile repairs. At our tile showroom in Preston, we have everything you need to get your tiles looking like they did when you first installed them. From grout cleaner to polish and everything in between. Pay us a visit and make sure you don’t lose any tiles during the winter. 

The Importance of Lighting 

Creating a cosy environment relies heavily on the lighting you choose. The best practice for bathroom lighting is choosing to layer. This means choosing different lighting options depending on the functionality you need or the ambience you wish to create. 

For example, you must have the proper functional lighting around the vanity area to help you utilise this space properly. In addition, the right ambient lighting, such as wall lights or under-cabinet lighting, is the best choice for relaxing nights spent in the bath. 

Our luxury bathroom brands provide endless options so you can choose the best fittings for your space, whether for functional or aesthetic purposes. 

 Beautiful his and hers sinks with plant in modern bathroom

Don’t Disregard Soft Furnishings 

Initially, you may not think to implement soft furnishing into your bathroom, but they can have a substantial positive impact on helping to create cosiness and warmth in your space. Here are some examples: 

  • Blinds and curtains. The right colour and material can add depth to your bathroom, give it a cosy feel, and help keep the heat in during winter. 
  • Towels. Choose luxury and spend time researching your towels. Go for a thick, plush, high-quality towel and elevate your bathroom. 
  • Décor. Incorporate plants, artwork, and decorative items into your bathroom to give it a personal touch and make it a space you enjoy spending time in. 

These are just a few simple touches you can make to bring cosiness into your bathroom, but the most important tip is to make it your own. Your bathroom must be where you feel comfortable, so choose your decorative items, colour schemes, fixtures and fittings carefully. 

If you’re struggling with ideas, please visit our bathroom showroom in Bolton or Preston and see our displays for yourself. 

Alternatively, enquire online for your FREE design consultation with our experts, who will be more than happy to discuss your options and explore what Roccia could do for your bathroom. 

Stunning Paint tiles from the Victorian floor tiles collection at Roccia

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