How to Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

Choosing tiles, no matter which room they’re going in, can be a difficult task. However, when selecting tiles for your bathroom, there is much more to consider than tiling your dining room, for example. This is because bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms in the home, which means the design element of your tiles must work well with the space you have. In addition, the tiles you choose must be water-resistant and suitable for humid and wet rooms, meaning your choices are narrowed slightly.

So, as leading tile suppliers, we’re helping you out by discussing the different factors to consider when choosing your bathroom tiles. We’ll first explore why tiles are the best choice for bathrooms and delve into some options available here at Roccia.

Why Choose Tiles for the Bathroom?

As owners of the largest tile showroom in the UK, we may come across as biased when we say that tiles are the best choice for bathrooms in comparison to wallpaper or plaster and paint, for example. However, there are reasons for this, which we have explored below; let’s take a look.


Many tiles are water-resistant and some materials, such as porcelain tiles, are entirely waterproof, making them an excellent choice for both bathroom floors and walls. For rooms that will be humid and wet a lot of the time, you need flooring and wall coverings that will be able to handle these environments, and tiles are guaranteed not to let you down.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike wallpaper, tiles are effortless to maintain, making them the best option for high-traffic and potentially messy areas such as bathrooms. Don’t worry about soap scum, water stains, or other bathroom messes, as you can wipe tiles down clean using almost any cleaning product and a suitable sponge or cloth.

Beautiful Porcelain bathroom tiles


Tiles are often chosen because of their durability. Once installed, you can expect your tiles to last over a decade if you keep up with their maintenance. In addition, we have a fantastic range of scratch-resistant tiles here at Roccia, including our porcelain floor tiles, so you can avoid unsightly wear and tear for longer.

Choose a Tile Feature Wall or Let Your Tiles Blend in Seamlessly?

When it’s time to redecorate or renovate your home, or you have just moved into a new place that needs a style makeover, you must make some big design decisions. One of these decisions regarding your bathroom is choosing between a tiled feature wall or allowing your tiles to blend in and shift the focus to another aspect of the space.

If you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and you trust your design gut, go for bold feature walls tiles. But remember, tiles stand the test of time, so you must be sure that you’ll love the style you choose for years to come.

Alternatively, if you like to switch up your style regularly, go for a timeless and classic white or neutral wall tile that you can incorporate into any aesthetic.

Which Colour Schemes Work Best in a Bathroom?

One of the best factors to consider about bathroom design is the endless colour scheme options. Almost any colour works well in a bathroom, from hot pink feature walls to sleek black fixtures and fittings to neutral and homely sage green and wood effect tiles.

Whether you choose a white suite and style it with sophisticated yet classic pops of colour, or go all out with bold luxury Versace tiles for a stand-out dramatic look, make sure whatever you choose fits your space well.

Stunning Versace tiles in a modern bathroom

More modest bathrooms can look great when dressed in any colour, but make sure to use clever mirror placements and the proper lighting to prevent the room from becoming dark and dingey. Larger bathrooms benefit from deep, moody colours, so get creative and step outside your comfort zone with some dark shades.

Choosing Your Bathroom Floor Tiles

When choosing your bathroom floor tiles, always start by analysing the space you have. If your bathroom doesn’t have much floor space, consider large format floor tiles as they have fewer gaps and grout lines, creating the illusion of a more expansive space.

In addition, many people choose to install underfloor heating in their bathroom as it elevates the room with a touch of luxury and provides the perfect temperature when you leave the bath or shower on a cold morning.

Choosing Your Bathroom Wall Tiles

When choosing your bathroom wall tiles, your options are practically endless. Many people opt for the same design as their floor tiles, which helps to enlarge the space and give it a luxury hotel feel.

Alternatively, you could stick to the same colour as your floor tiles but switch up the size or design to separate the two but tie them together.

If you’re stuck for where to start, why not visit our tile showroom in Bolton or Preston. Our tile experts can talk you through the best options for your bathroom and present their recommendations on wall tiles, floor tiles, fittings, fixtures, and more.

Get in touch today or book your FREE design consultation to get started.

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