Cosy Winter Trends: Design Ideas for Winter

Winter is approaching fast and, with temperatures dropping, you’re probably starting to think of ways to make your home feel even cosier. If you are looking to make the transition from summer to winter when it comes to your interior design, our tips can help you to achieve this.

It’s natural to gravitate toward the need to feel cosy in winter, so create the perfect cosy atmosphere this season that will make you want to huddle by the fire while enjoying a hot mug of your favourite brew. But how can you approach making an interior design change for winter in your home, and how can you ensure the design of every room is warm and inviting this upcoming season?

Make Cosy the Order of the Day

Trying to define ‘cosy’ can be challenging, as there are many ways to achieve the result you’re looking for. At Roccia, we believe that creating cosiness means creating an inviting space full of warmth that you will want to stay in on a cold winter evening!

For this reason, have you ever considered a relaxing retreat inside your own bedroom? This winter, this interior design trend is all the rage, with many people seeking a more intimate area in their bedroom to unwind, unplug and just relax away from daily life.

Surrounded by canopies or lace curtains, for example, and curled up with a good book or a glass of wine, you will, no doubt, enjoy a comfy and cosy nook that will help you to unwind and know that all you have to do is enjoy a relaxing evening in.

Quilts can also add a beautifully rustic and cosy feel to any space, be it your bedroom or your living room. They add a touch of ‘homey-ness’ to any décor as well, no matter if it’s traditional or more contemporary. Cosy textiles are in fashion and look fantastic draped over sofas or thrown on a bed. Textures work wonderfully to create a cosy space, whether you channel this with woollen rugs, knit cushions or throws, so don’t miss an opportunity to use fabrics!

What is cosier than a fireplace? One of the home’s best spots when winter arrives, the fireplace not only provides a source of warmth, but it looks aesthetically pleasing, with its flames adding a sense of ambience to any room. Be it a modern or traditional design, your fireplace will allow you to create a focal point the whole family can gather around during the chilly winter nights.

Think About the Décor

Nothing says ‘cosy’ more than natural, organic decorations. From rustic woven (or rattan) baskets and wood logs set beside the fireplace to plants in wicker baskets and weaved textiles, little details like this can transform your summery living room into a warm winter space. After all, winter can be associated with scarcity and muted tones, so make sure you choose the opposite for a cosy feel.

A ‘rough luxe’ décor, for example, is one of the latest trends that is making its way around the world. Combining extravagance with minimalism, you can expect a shabby chic design that will, nonetheless, feel cosy and warm, especially if you choose wood furniture or accents.

Metal is making a comeback, so why not invest in some metal decorative items for your home this winter? Metallic decorations and fabrics will add to the cosiness of your space, as, contrary to what you may believe, they can offer a feeling of warmth. Metal can also be used as an accent, such as in door handles and even in decorative items shaped in geometric designs.

Another big trend this winter is stone tiles. Stone can create a cosy atmosphere that is difficult to recreate with any other material. For instance, an exposed stone wall can create a modern and inviting haven that will make your home feel that much cosier. No matter which room of the house you choose, from the kitchen to the living room, you’ll find that stone will always add something special to your décor.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting is a great way to create the right mood. When you’re looking for a cosy aesthetic, it is important to stray away from ‘colder’ lights, such as those with fluorescent bulbs. Warm lighting that gives off a yellow glow is a much better choice.

Vintage light bulbs, for example, are a relatively new trend that has quickly spread across the world. Because they project a dimmer, more subdued light, they are ideal for creating cosy environments where you can just sit back and relax for a while.

Just as metal is great for decoration, it is also a fantastic option for lamps. Equally, candles have a small flame and project very dim lighting, which is why they are often perfect for creating a more intimate setting. From lighting a few candles in the bathroom and jumping into the bath at the end of a tiring day to just having a date night with your partner, candles can help you to create the cosy feel you seek.

Use Colour to Your Advantage

Colours are one of the main ways to create the cosiness you’re looking for. Colder tones, such as blue and grey, might not be ideal colours for this winter, especially if you want your space to feel warm. For this reason, opting for warmer colours, such as reds, browns, golds and oranges, might be a great solution.

For example, a sunny yellow is capable of lighting up the room and shimmery wallpapers can catch the last rays of sun and illuminate every corner of the room. Bright, bold colours are great accents in your décor and can provide a sense of cosiness too.

Patterns, such as those of marble and even terrain, are equally great choices. They allow you to inject your interior design with a touch of earthiness that feels warm and inviting at the same time. this can be in the form of ornaments, rugs or even cushions, for instance.

Another great way to achieve the result you want is to add effect tiles to your décor. Wood effect tiles or marble effect tiles can make a space feel cosier, while also adding luxury and elegance to any interior design.

This winter, create the perfect cosy space in your home by focusing on details such as colour and decorative items so that you can achieve exactly what you envisioned. Roccia has plenty of tiles at your disposal that will allow you to create a cosy space – be it through accent walls, warm flooring or kitchen splashbacks.

Visit our showrooms to see for yourself what we can offer and to get inspiration for your cosy, winter home!

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