Create The Perfect Relaxing Bathroom Space

The bathroom is possibly the only room in the house that’s solely dedicated to relaxing and enjoying a bit of ‘you time’. Whether relaxing in the bath or showering before a busy day at the office, the bathroom should be a calm and tranquil surrounding to encourage your mood for the rest of the day.

There are plenty of ways to create a serene atmosphere within your bathroom, from the choice of décor colour palettes to the bathroom suite – here are a few top tips to help make your bathroom a relaxing haven that you’ll enjoy.



Choosing a garish or loud colour for your serene bathroom would completely defeat the purpose of a tranquil space, so choose palettes that are light and airy in order to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Pale blues, sea greens and dusty shades are the ideal complementary shade to suit any setting. Light shades and natural palettes are timeless, and are easy to pair with other décor and design touches within the space. Whether you’re designing a bathroom for a modern or traditional property, lighter shades will not date or go out of fashion due to the season’s trends.


Minimal design is a great choice to create relaxation within any-size bathroom areas, as it creates the appearance of a spacious surrounding through minimal design elements. Minimalist design requires light and non-demanding shades; include grey tones, stone hues and monochrome palettes. For a little touch of colour without making it a main feature, try out delicate and soft pastel shades to add a little vibrancy into your tranquil space.



Tiles are the most suitable and stylish choice for any wet room or bathroom space. They offer a versatile and durable option, as well as being waterproof with wipe-clean and low-maintenance qualities. Our beautiful range of bathroom wall tiles offers a wide range of all-purpose and suited-to-any-setting tile options to enhance any design space. Whether you want a large-scale tiled white bathroom aesthetic or a painted surrounding with mosaic tile feature walls, tiles provide a neat and sophisticated finish to any styled space.


Natural tiles, whether of a stone or ceramic finish, provide a unique aesthetic and are a timeless surface quality for any home. Bathroom settings are ideally suited to tile surfaces due to their quality and long lasting design; however, the huge range of tiles now on offer makes designing and creating a unique and design-focused room for your home an easy and stylish option.


If you do not wish to tile all of the room’s surround, consider using tiles in a creative manner to produce feature walls and feature placements of tile aesthetics. Another idea to create feature walls within a space includes using a lighter or darker shade of the dominating colour to create slight décor touches and stylish design throughout. This can also work with painted wall finishes and complementary tiled surfaces to create beautiful surrounds for the sink, bath and toilet.


Here at Tile Mart, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of all bathroom, kitchen and exterior tiles to suit a design-focused home. Our range of high quality and designer tiles are made from the highest standard materials to provide a long-lasting and durable product to suit any household and outdoor use. For further information please feel free to contact our friendly team on 01772 258998, who will be happy to help with any enquiries that you may have!

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