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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – it’s the room where you can relax and unwind, taking a luxurious bubble bath at the end of a long day. As it’s such an important space in the home, it’s only right that this is decorated to reflect the atmosphere you want.

There are plenty of trends for the rest of this year that will stay relevant for years to come to help you accomplish just this. So, let’s take a look at how you can design the perfect 2018 bathroom, giving you a fabulous space to enjoy.

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Patterned Tiles

Tiles have long been a popular material for bathrooms due to their versatility. Not only do they provide the perfect surface that can hold up against moisture and grime, they are also incredibly stylish, offering you a range of aesthetic options to choose from.

In 2018, it’s all about patterned tiles – an exciting and colourful trend that offers a unique touch to your bathroom. At Roccia, we stock a huge selection of patterned bathroom tiles that could be perfect for your project. Here’s just a small selection of them:

Carpet Tiles


These tiles may be made from porcelain, but they offer an unusual effect for your bathroom, mimicking carpet. These tiles look fantastic as both floor and wall tiles, giving an element of warmth to your design, whilst complementing a modern look.



Kilim TilesKilim

These fabulous tiles are almost reminiscent of a carpet that you would likely see in a Bazaar somewhere in the Middle East or Morocco. You can choose from a variety of different tile designs to create your own unique bathroom style that will feel cosy and inviting.



Munich TilesMunich

The Munich tiles offer a 70s vibe with their geometric patterns and monochrome palette. Available in two different colours, these tiles are a great choice for a modern bathroom design with a twist.



Copper Features

2017 saw rose gold rocket in popularity, but 2018 is all about copper. You can use this metal in a variety of ways; from taps to plant pots. If you choose features such as plant pots, toothbrush holders and other decorative elements, you can keep up with changing trends by swapping them out at the end of each season.

The great thing about copper is its versatility, offering a touch of warmth to a room that can easily feel a little cold, especially when using other metals that lack the warm, gold-tinged hue of copper.

Freestanding Bathtub

What could be more elegant and luxurious in a bathroom than a freestanding bathtub? A built-in bathtub may do the job just fine, but it’s difficult to make them look special or stylish. With a freestanding bathtub, you can play around with colours, shapes and inject a touch of elegance that just isn’t possible with a built-in unit.

Opting for a tub that has clawed feet can help you to achieve a luxurious look, whereas tubs without feet can offer a more modern look for your bathroom.

Genova Tiles

Image features Genova tiles

Complementary Colours

When it comes to the colours in your bathroom, this is your chance to really have a play around and find a colour palette that reflects your personality as well as the look and atmosphere you are aiming for. You can use small items such as towels, bath mats and shower curtains to add a pop of complementary colours, allowing you to switch things up and achieve different looks whenever you fancy a change.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of your room but can be an incredibly effective design tool.

Stylish Storage

While storage may be a necessity, that doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for something that elevates the style of your bathroom. We love the trend of ladder style storage which allows you to display your items at the same time as storing them.

You can use this storage to add a pop of colour or add a different material into the room, helping you to incorporate another 2018 trend. Using wooden ladder-style shelving alongside tiles and copper elements is a great way of mixing materials for a cohesive, yet diverse look.

Skylab Tiles

Image features Skylab tiles


Whatever look it is that you want to achieve in your bathroom, you can find bathroom tiles that create the style you’re looking for. At Roccia, we have a huge selection of tiles that can offer a variety of styles and designs, from wood effect tiles to Victorian floor tiles. Make sure to browse our online collection of floor and wall tiles, and if you would like to get a closer look, you can visit us at our Preston or Bolton showroom

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