Design Tips for the Smaller Bathroom

Designing the interior for a large bathroom is easy as most styles and trends will work creating an interior design that works in a smaller bathroom is much more challenging and, one that many of us with face. As you are working with limited space, it is important to use space enhancing materials, colours, styles and bathroom fittings. With extensive experience in the world of bathroom interior design, here are our design tips for the smaller bathroom.

Use the Walls & Floor


It is very easy to make a small bathroom seem smaller and cramped with by using highly patterned or dark tiles. This does not mean that you have to choose plain tiles, instead choose subtly patterned or textured wall tiles. Be careful with your colour choice; dull, dark hues and tones will make your bathroom appear very gloomy. Choose lighter more natural tones with added texture such as polished marble wall tiles as this will help to make the environment much brighter and give the illusion of space.



Another way to create the illusion of space in your bathroom is with zoning; use your tiles to separate different areas. You can do in two ways:

  1. Contrast 2 different styles/materials of tiles.
  2. Contrast 2 different colours of the same style of tile.

We prefer option number two as it provides more of a unified aesthetic. With a large option of colours available porcelain tiles are a fabulous tile to use when using the zoning technique in your bathroom.

Be Experimental


Don’t feel limited if you have a small bathroom, there are many choices available to you, just remember to keep things light, fresh and subtle to create the illusion of space. Be experimental with your combinations and find what works for you. You could even add a little glamour with glass wall tiles, their translucent and reflective qualities make them perfect for enhancing the space of the room. When you have chosen your wall coverings and floor tiles, make sure that you choose high quality lighting and chrome fittings to ensure that your room looks incredibly contemporary!

For more bathroom inspiration, have a browse through our website. We offer a large selection of quality, luxurious and simply stunning tiles. Here at Roccia we believe that everyone deserves the home of your dreams so start designing your dream bathroom today! For more information in regards to any of our products or if you would like any advice, please get in contact with our friendly team.

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