The Best Colours for your Kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a bit worse for wear and dare we say it – a little bit dull? If the answer is a firm yes, then it is the time to redecorate and give yourself a brand new kitchen. When it comes to kitchen design it’s amazing how many people avoid colour; this is the room that you see first thing in the morning it should have an interior that wakes you up and excites you! After a long day at work you don’t want a boring room, to help you to avoid this common pitfall we’re going to share a few of our favourite colour combinations for the kitchen.

Powerful Reds

red 1

Red promotes a feeling of warmth and energy, this is something that we agree with and therefore it is the perfect choice for kitchen design. It is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning – ideal for the room where you enjoy your breakfast! Our Agatha kitchen tiles are the bright, bold and vibrant option that the modern day family kitchen.

Ethereal Earth


For a contemporary-fresh look, choose ethereal earthy blues or greens. These tones promote a stress free atmosphere which is ideal if you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen after a long day at work.  Maxxi tiles are the just the thing for this style of kitchen, use with deep dark kitchen counters to create a bold statement-look or natural counters to continue the earthy theme.


Textured Neutrals


If you don’t wish to add vivacious colours to your walls or floor that isn’t a problem, instead you can create excitement with texture instead. Take a look at travertine wall tiles; featuring natural honey tones and bursts of texture they are the perfect tiles for the job. Combine with creamy counters to create a classical, stress-free ambience. Add gold accessories to add a true sense of luxury to your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of using colour in your kitchen, this is one of the rooms that you’ll spend the most amount of time in therefore it should either excite you or help you to de-stress! If the above tiles don’t tickle your fancy, don’t despair, we have a huge range of kitchen tiles available for purchase. You deserve your dream kitchen so start searching for the tiles that you love today!

If you would like to see our tiles in person before buying why not head to one of our showrooms? Alternatively you can contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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