Ditch Dirty Carpets and Lay a Layer of Class

When you first lay new carpets down, your house can look clean, fresh and luxurious, but give them a few years of treading, trampling, spills and stains and they can look tired and grimy. Most people choose carpets in a neutral beige or cream to coordinate easily with the rest of their furnishings, but it’s these tones that show dirt and grime the most!

There are so many better qualified materials to install in your home which are so much easier to maintain than carpet, such as wooden flooring,  and swapping your shabby rugs with more flawless flooring comes with a range of benefits.

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Simple and Stylish

Wooden flooring can automatically give your home a smart and stylish aesthetic with its natural tone and sleek finish. Wood coordinates with almost any furnishings and has a timeless look, unlike patterned and coloured flooring.

Easy to Clean

Spills and grime are so much easier to clean on a wooden floor as the surface can simply be wiped clean. For more regular maintenance, a quick sweep with a broom followed by a wash with a damp mop and mild detergent will be enough to remove daily dirt.

Carpets require scrubbing with household stain removers which can build up over time and leave your carpet worse off, even if you get it professionally cleaned, which can also be quite costly.

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More Hygienic

Not all dirt can be removed from carpets with a single once over with a vacuum cleaner. Dirt and germs lie deep-seated in the fabric of the carpet and can be particularly unhygienic for young children who are playing on the floor.

Fleas from pets can also lie dormant in carpets, as well as unpleasant odours that can’t be removed with scent masking shampoos.

As well as a wide range of stylish tiles, Roccia also supplies quality wood flooring to create a different look. Both wood and tile flooring can add a touch of luxury to your space – whether you love the look of natural lacquered oak timber in your kitchen, or natural slate tiles in your bathroom, we can provide the perfect finish for your home. For any enquiries about our products, get in touch today at 01772 382616, otherwise, you can also find us Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

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