Designing For Relaxation: Bathrooms

Taking a long, hot, soaky bath is a great way to unwind after a hard day at the office, but can you really fully relax in your bathroom if it’s dark, dull and dirty? We know we can’t!

So, rather than put off taking time out with a pampering session in your bathroom, why not create a wonderful, relaxing environment for you to escape to at the end of the day? Here at Roccia, we aren’t just experts in bathroom tiles; we also know how to help you create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing in using 3 simple steps!

Think About Your Lighting

It’s not something the majority of people think about when they are designing a new bathroom, but lighting should be at the top of your list of aspects to think about if you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The wrong lighting can dramatically impact how comfortable you feel in a space, no matter how big or small the room is. Finding the right level of brightness is essential, and is often be a matter of preference.


Using big, bright lights may seem like the best idea, especially in a smaller bathroom to make it look bigger and brighter, but you’ll only end up dazzling yourself and may find that you can’t fully relax in the tub as the lights are too distracting.

Similarly, lights that are too dim can often make your room feel small and uninviting. Although low, mood lighting is incredibly relaxing, you do want to make sure that you can safely manoeuvre in and out of the bath.

Choose a Calming Colour Scheme

It doesn’t matter if shocking pink is the on-trend colour for home interiors, if you’re trying to create an environment that you can fully relax in, we recommend staying well away from bright, vibrant colours – at least in the bathroom.


We’re not saying stay away from colours altogether – after all, all white interiors can often seem very clinical – but rather than going for the boldest colours you can find, stick to pastels or more natural tones such as browns and greys.

This splash of colour will keep your bathroom looking interesting while creating an atmosphere that your senses can fully relax in.

Clean It Regularly

Are you really going to want to relax in your bathroom if you notice dirt and grime everywhere? We wouldn’t!


If you regularly set aside some you-time to have a soak in your bath, make sure that you clean the bathroom in advance to get rid of any dirt build up and clutter that may have built up; your bath can be your reward for working so hard, and you may find that you’ll be able to switch off easier knowing your bathroom is clean and waiting for you to take advantage of it!

Having a beautiful bathroom is the first step to kicking back and unwinding after a long, hard day. Start by giving your bathroom’s design a refresh using some of the wonderful tiles that we have in stock here at Roccia!

For more information on how we can help you create the perfect bathroom, contact our team today by calling 01772 382616 or visit our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages.

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