Donatella Versace’s Italian Interiors


Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer and is the current Vice-President of the Versace Group, as well as the chief designer. Donatella’s brother Gianni Versace was the company’s original founder.

Donatella was born in the Italian city of Reggio Calabria, the youngest of four children. Her father was a personal financier to the Italian aristocracy, and her mother was a dress maker, which explains her luxurious, classic taste when it comes to both fashion and interior design.

In the 1970s, Donatella followed her older brother Gianni to pursue knitwear design in Florence, Italy. Donatella had planned to work for her brother in the PR industry, but she was more valuable to Gianni as a “muse and critic” for the Versace brand, according to Donatella ‘s interview with Vogue.

It was under Donatella’s guidance that Versace evolved from a clothing brand to include accessories, perfumes to hotels and home furnishings. Not only does Donatella have stunning taste when it comes to her high-fashion brand, but she also has remarkable taste when it comes to interior design.

Here are some photos of Donatella Versace’s exquisite two-floor apartment in Milan, Italy. Her palazzo’s style is definitively Versace, encompassing opulent classical elements with modern pieces.

There are lots of antiques, which are assumedly heirlooms from her Italian family and late brother Gianni. The overall style of her apartment is reminiscent of centuries past due, to the baroque elements and opulent colour scheme of predominantly black and gold.



Donatella expressed “Just because furniture is big and luxurious doesn’t mean it has to look heavy.  So I chose solid and pastel colours for my furniture.”

If you want to replicated the opulent, Italian style of Donatella’s Milan apartment, why not start by including porcelain floor tiles into your home’s decor.

Quarzite Gold Natural


This Quarzite Gold Natural porcelain tile is classic and exudes the impression of luxury due to its neutral but warm palette.


Classica Maple


Replicate Donatella’s subtly patterned floor with these Classica Maple porcelain floor tiles. The Unicom Starker Classica range consists of lovely, classic square wood-look tiles. Unicom Starker Classica tiles have the look of wood, but are easily cleaned and have superb durability. The lightness of this Maple shade will make small rooms appear bigger and creates an open, light atmosphere.


Classica Walnut


The pattern and warm shade of these Classica Walnut porcelain floor tiles are evocative of the floor featured in Donatella’s living room.




Versace Tile Collection

The official Versace tile collection is also available from Roccia! The Versace tiles collection owes its creation to a collaboration between Italian design house Versace and celebrated tile manufacturer Gardenia Ceramiche.


The picture above features the Versace Venere tile collection. The collection features creamy, neutral hues with a splendid sheen, perfect for creating a luxurious Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere.

If you require more glamour, the Versace Vanitas collection is for you. They feature a shimmering collection of unique elements perfect for any surface.


Fashionistas are sure to be impressed by the Versace Tile Collection, available at Roccia!

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