Feeling Fruity: Citrus-Inspired Interiors

Although Monochromatic colours work together perfectly, they can sometimes lack the excitement you’re looking for in your interior design. Bold colours such as citrus ones can complement your home, even if you are still attached to black and white colours on walls or in accessories. You can add a bit of zest with tangerine oranges, lemony yellows, or with green lime inspiration. Accentuate a certain area and mix and match these hues for a revitalising touch.


Orange (is the New Black)

Providing warmth and cosiness, the colour orange can transform any room into an inviting area. Bright oranges highlight the areas you wish to bring attention to, especially when used strategically.

From light orange to bright tangerine, you can incorporate this colour in your palette for a bold design. An orange wall with minimal surrounding décor can be quite refreshing and modern. For a warmer colour, persimmon hues can be used in statement pieces such as sofas, which can become the focus of the room in the middle of more neutral surroundings.

Our U-Color floor tiles have a wide range of bright colours that include yellows, oranges, and greens, and provide you with endless combinations. Designed to look like wooden boards, they are inspired by 70s floor styles. As an artisanal product, you can expect to have each individual piece with a unique pattern, similar to how nature paints wood, with intentional and small imperfections that add character and value. U-Color tiles also mature over time, like wood, to add to the natural feel.


Once Upon a Lime

Green provides a sense of freshness and liveliness, and as a foundation colour in nature, it transforms the space into a peaceful haven. Brighter hues add more energy, and yellow-greens can perfectly complement any simple interior design with a lot of natural light. Lime green can be worked into your design with other colours such as yellows and blues, and also other colours adjacent on the colour wheel.

U-Color tiles also come in green hues, which can be combined with the range’s yellow and blue tiles. Different textures and accessories in rooms such as the bathroom will provide an exciting and interesting style, bringing life into the area.


When Life Gives You Lemons

When it comes to choosing a bright colour that promotes cheerfulness, yellow is a great choice. You can add more muted hues for a touch of sophistication, and bright yellows are ideal for places such as book corners and offices. Yellow tones give your interior design a zesty touch, brightening the room through strategically placed accessories.

Should you not want to have too many bright yellow pieces in the room, you can choose stunning porcelain Star City black tiles for your floor and ceramic Hampton while tiles for the walls, and then accentuate the space with yellow chairs. A few prints of citrus fruits on the walls help to tie the entire design together, and potted yellow flowers and candles can help to add a few finishing touches. Ceramic Agatha yellow tiles work perfectly with a white floor, and you can also alternate them with white wall tiles to accentuate the colour.

Whether you wish to add just a sliver of colour or transform your interior design completely with bold colours and accessories, here at Roccia we have floor tiles and wall tiles that will help you to create your own citrus-inspired style. Simply get in touch with us or visit our showrooms in Preston and Bolton to see our beautiful tiles in person and discover more citrus hues.

Project: Preston North End Football Club

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