The Evolution of Versace: From Handbags and Glad-rags to Tiles

The alluring image of Medusa in its Greek setting is by far one of the most recognisable logos ever. From elegant shoes that have strutted down catwalks the world over, to interior décor that spruces up your house, the couture fashion house is a rockstar in the industry.

This luxury brand is known worldwide by pretty much everyone ─ whether you care about fashion and trends or you simply don’t.

As we have seen the brand get go from strength to strength, we have seen everyone from Princess Diana to Queen B wearing the garments. Not only this, we have seen Versace go from selling fancy frocks to dabbling in the world of interior design and… into the design world of tiles and ceramics.

But how has this reputable worldwide-known brand gone from dabbling in handbags and fancy frocks to ceramics and home furnishings? Here at Roccia, we love a bit of luxury, and believe in classic, high quality and high-end, stylish products which are accessible to everyone!


Gianni to Donatella

In 1972, a handsome Italian gentleman named Gianni picked up a pencil and started to get his cloud of creative thoughts down on paper, and into some fashion designs. From these unique sketches, the company was born and so ‘Gianni Versace Donna’ became the name of the very first high end, luxury boutique in Milan.  The name is a merge of both Gianna and Donatella’s name, as they combined their efforts into the business. In 1982, their sibling power-business went from only designing clothes to accessories, jewellery, furnishings and home décor.

They are often described as the ‘Rock n Roll’ designer duo, due to their designs and links with some flamboyant famous faces such as Michael Jackson, designing many stage costumes and famous get-ups we have seen on front-page spreads and album covers of stars. In 1992, they even designed all the stage costumes and album cover costumes for Sir Elton John.

Introducing Gardenia Orchidea

From Jackie Kennedy in her perfectly matched outfits to the like of Twiggy in psychedelic patterns, the design scene was bustling into life at this point. While all this was happening, a leading ceramics group was bursting onto the scene in the background. Gardenia was founded in 1961, at a time when style was becoming even more clean, stylish and prominent in society.

Versace paired up with the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group in 1997. With a passion for home detail and interior design, there couldn’t be a more perfect pairing. Even as we moved from the nineties into the noughties and beyond, the bond is still strong, and the relationship is “a source of great pride and inspiration”.

Even though Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group specialises in tiles with Versace, they live in the world of fashion and, from Italy to the humble grounds of Preston, the company brings the world of fashion and tiles into one stylish hub.

Tiles Not Just for the Stars

When Versace Ceramics was born they focused not just on home décor and tiling, but on keeping the spirit of the brand alive. Using soft and enveloping shapes and the finest of raw quality materials, their combination of colours and elements of decoration produces only the finest of products and collections.

Style is when your surroundings compliment your taste, and Versace tiles do just that. The exact definition tells us: Style is a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

This collaboration between the two superstar brands allows everyone to celebrate sheer style in their homes.

At Roccia, we are a proud stockist of these top-quality products and, with a range of collections in the Versace Tiles range, you could feel like you are leading the luxury lifestyle in no time! And believe it or not, we stock them at irresistible prices.

So, from textiles to actual tiles, Versace is the epitome of fashion, the purest expression of style that holds all the sophistication and character that any tile could possibly have. And, luckily for you, Roccia stocks it all!

You can browse our online collections, from Versace Elite to Versace Vanitas, Versace Classic Luxor collection or the Classic Royal Collection, and much more. On the other hand, you could pick up the phone and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you! Our showroom is one of our pride and joys, so we would love for you to come down and have a look at the Versace collections for yourself. We are more than confident that you will be impressed by our displays.

Born and bred in the north of England, Ashif is our dedicated Commercial Designer and Specifier. With extensive experience in business development, project design, and 7 years specifically in the tile industry, Ashif is our go to expert when it comes to all things tiles. From our tiny intricate mosaics to our ‘NEW Era 3m super tiles right through to the luxurious world of Versace, he is an absolute fount of knowledge and ideas. Full of energy, drive and passion, Ashif recently designed and delivered on a spectacular 5000-metre tiling project. When he’s not selling tiles, he’s busy doing DIY, playing football, or eating his favourite food, fish and chips! Get in touch with him today and be inspired, call 01772 382 716 or email him at [email protected].



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