Freshen Up with a Cool Grey Bathroom

On a hot summer day, you will appreciate nothing more than an indulgent retreat to your new cool and reassuring stone-grey bathroom. The fluctuations of shades in our stone cut tiles are reminiscent of ripples on refreshing mountain lakes, and the cool grey colours are in keeping with trends towards natural colours throughout the home. Below, we talk about some updates you can make to your bathroom to enjoy cool grey all year round:

cool grey bathroom 1


Cool grey has a mountainous feel to it which you want to replicate in your bathroom. Stone cut tiles achieve this partially through their alternating gradients which create the illusion of texture and space, but you can improve attempts to achieve this aesthetic by furnishing your bathroom with Scandi minimalism in mind. Transparent shower guards made of glass will increase the sense of space, as will uncluttered and simple furnishings.



Both the colour and material draw their inspiration from nature which encourages relaxation. Having a lot of natural light filtering through to this room will add to this effect.

If your bathroom lacks windows, you can always add mirrors to help reflect light around the room.


Fitting Ideas

For simple but effective modern fittings, we recommend that you consider products such as baths, shower trays or sinks from Acquabella and Milldue. Products from both companies should be viewed from our showrooms for full effect.

Winter Warmth

The cool grey bathroom shines the most in Summer when a refreshing aesthetic is most appreciated, but you can make the cool grey bathroom work for you in winter by implementing extra heating options. In this blog, we talk you through the advantages of underfloor heating, but you could also consider adding heated towel racks in silver and demisting mirrors.



You can buy our Stone Cut tiles with an anti-slip coating, making them perfect for wet rooms, showers and bathrooms. This means that our Stone Cut tiles are great for outdoor use as they will resist slipping in rainfall, and pet owners may even wish to use these easy-to-clean tiles in their living spaces.

The cool grey look is sure to maintain its popularity for years to come, but if you have different ideas for your home’s interior design then you should visit our showroom in Preston or our showroom in Bolton.

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