Get Summer Ready with These Stunning White Tile Designs

We’re finally here! The eagerly awaited summer 2018 is upon us, and what better way to kick-start the best of all seasons than by giving your home interior a make-over and injecting some style by having a summery re-model.

But what sort of styles work best during the warmer months? In the summertime, interior designers select brighter colours, allowing the smile-inducing weather to be reflected in various aspects of the home. Creating this crisp, summery aesthetic is far easier than you may think; utilising seasonal trends, such as stunning white tiles, can prove most effective.

Why White?

When we think of summer, certain vivid images come to mind. Longer, warmer days and vibrant colours – bright sunshine contrasted against the crystal clear blue skies, the fresh greens of grass and leaves juxtaposed with rainbow explosions among the flowers.

Why then, do so many top designers stick with plain, traditional whites when it comes to interior styles?

As a tile colour scheme, white is favoured for many reasons. First and foremost, white creates a degree of versatility within your home. This is due to the ease of matching various colours and features with it, as it is the blankest canvas available.

In the summer months, bright colours, reflecting the aforementioned flowers, can be juxtaposed with the startling white. In the winter months, the neutral background ensures that the theme can be changed easily yet again – think warmer reds, wooden browns and rich greens.

Traditionally, white connotes purity and innocence. When paired with a smooth, clean-cut tile, the result is simply mesmerising, evoking a tone of pure luxury. A sleek and sophisticated aesthetic has never been as easy to achieve.

Although often considered as a more ‘safe’ option when it comes to interiors, these stunning tiles actually offer a far more contemporary look. Those in the interior design market have been implementing white into various areas around the home over the past couple of years, creating an long-lasting, on-trend look that requires little to no maintenance.

These tiles are exactly what summer requires – they’re light in colour, reflect the bright atmosphere from the outdoors and transform your living space. The fresh, fuss-free design elevates any area, evoking simplicity, cleanliness and timelessness.

Whether you’re opting for a complete refurbishment in time for summer, or a quick remodelling of certain spaces that you currently know and love, below are some stunning examples that are sure to generate some cool summer inspiration.

Interior Inspiration

The white glazed finish on the Electra Tiles radiate both a clean yet contemporary aesthetic. Ideal for kitchen walls, the tiles are easy to clean, stylish and durable, providing a neutral background for years to come.

Favoured for their incredibly fashionable appearance, the Cento Per Cento wall tiles are excellent when considering a more three-dimensional look, creating a simple but sophisticated atmosphere. Made with Majolica that is striking in the light, these white tiles are most effective when contrasted against varying colours, such as the dove grey and dark yellow tones in the image below.

In a similar manner to the Electra Tiles, the glazed white finish of the Edge Tiles epitomises a clean and sterile environment, most suitable for use in bathrooms. Earlier this year we took a look at some of the predicted 2018 tile trends to look out for, and mixing textures with wood is a popular way of enhancing a space – this can be seen clearly in the above example.

This look is easier than ever to achieve in the bathroom, with common furnishings such as wicker baskets and soft fluffy towels contrasting perfectly against crisp white tiles, softening the overall look.

If you’re looking for luxury, the Caprichosa range – featured below – is a fantastic way to implement sophistication and add a level of chic into your home. When set against the free-standing bathtub, as seen in the below image, the result is captivating.

Just in time for summer, the Stone Cut range – as seen in thefollowing image – offers a unique way to bring the outdoors firmly into the twenty-first century. With the epitome of garden style, capture this cool look in time for the warmer months of summer.

Preparing your home for summer doesn’t have to be difficult – contact Roccia today. We specialise in a wealth of specialist projects and tiles, with a varied selection of white tiles for bathrooms and kitchens available to view in our showrooms.

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