Getting Creative: Unexpected Alternatives for Your Home

We at Tilemart like to think we know what makes a home. Every little piece has its place; it is your home, and your sanctuary. As such, we pride ourselves on being able to bring you the best designs to suit your needs, and are able to supply everything from cool tranquil whites to spicy Mediterranean vibes for your home.


We offer a wide range of tiles for your floors, counters, bathrooms and even your walls. Such is the versatile nature of our tiles, and they come in a vast array of colours and designs. With such creativity at our fingertips, we like to take note of some of the most exotic and strange interior designs that spring up. These are genuine favourites in floor design.


Don’t Trip

Something of a mind boggler, a game store in Paris wowed customers with its bold new carpet modelled after a ‘vortex’ optical illusion. With a simple design that forms pitfalls and bends in the ‘mind’s eye’, this optical illusion is a big hit (even though it apparently still catches out the employees from time to time)!

 Out the Box

Belt Up!

We love the different textures our tiles can offer, and as such we love this next design; vintage leather belts! This wonderful concept comes from Ting, and is luxurious, bold and unusual; this curious creation is a strange adventure into the senses. The idea of leather underfoot is such an unusual and exotic alternative, with a price tag for a single round mat costing 600 dollars!

Rolling in Money

Not made of money? Why not try this flash alternative from The Standard Brill in the Standard Hotel, New York? It’s a floor entirely made of thousands of American pennies!


Especially chosen by restaurant designers, Robin Shandefer and Stephen Alesch, of the renowned New York Design firm Roman and Williams, it’s another unusually textured design and is a great way to get rid of some spare change.



We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favourites, and trust it’s inspired you to try some new designs in your own home. Need some luxurious marble floor tiles or maybe some rustic slate wall tiles to make those changes? Then contact us on 01772 550 900 or visit one of your local show rooms; our friendly staff will be happy to help find what you need!

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