Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Storage

There’s nothing more stressful than rummaging around your kitchen mid-food preparation, looking for a specific utensil or pot. Your cupboards are stacked up with everything you don’t need, and what you do need is hidden underneath piles of pans, plates, and a blender you haven’t touched for years. Getting your kitchen organised is essential, so scenarios like this don’t happen, and you can cook, eat, and entertain without the stress of disorder. 

As experts in all things kitchen, we’re exploring how we can help you get the most out of your kitchen storage. We’re delving into the top storage solutions you can incorporate into your home to improve how you use your space and its functionality. But first, why is storage so important in a kitchen? 

Why Storage Is Important, No Matter the Size of Your Kitchen 

Regardless of the size of your space, the correct storage solutions are essential for a functioning kitchen. Large kitchens must have suitable storage solutions as without having easy access to your food, you could find that you forget about some items, and food can go out of date without you realising it.  

In addition, if you have a modestly sized kitchen, you may find that disorder makes moving around the room quite tricky, which in turn, could actually be dangerous in a kitchen setting. Organising your kitchen and implementing the proper storage will benefit you beyond allowing you to find your utensils easily. 

Finally, the aesthetics of your space is often just as important as its functionality. Many people long for clean lines, a lack of clutter, and beautiful gleaming kitchens; storage is a huge factor in achieving this. The right organisation provides you with a clever space for everything, freeing up your worktops and giving you the clean lines look that is so sought-after. 

Our luxury kitchen brands offer incredible storage solutions for anyone, no matter the size of the kitchen and their personal style. So let’s discover what you could expect to find in a Roccia designed kitchen. 

Hidden Pantries  

One of the best ways you can achieve complete food organisation and a decluttered look in your kitchen is through a hidden pantry. These incredible storage solutions provide the extra space you need to organise all your food items, such as tinned goods, snacks, dry products, sauces, and anything else that doesn’t need to be stored in your fridge or freezer. 

Jacob and Sons hidden pantry display at Roccia's kitchen showroom Preston 

Here at Roccia, our Jacob and Sons kitchens offer a charming selection of hidden pantries with enough storage to hold years’ worth of non-perishable goods. Their solid wood exterior makes for a perfect farmhouse kitchen look, and their storage possibilities are enough to make you run to our kitchen showroom in Preston today. 

Cutting Board Drawers 

Practising your culinary skills in a cluttered kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you’re serious about cooking or just enjoy making your family dinner of an evening, you must ensure that you have the space for your kitchen to function safely. Hidden chopping boards and chopping board drawers are fantastic and rather clever storage solutions guaranteed to impress those savvy with a kitchen knife. 

The chopping boards sit snug concealed in a drawer, blending seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. When you want to use the board, just pull out the drawer and chop away, sliding your unwanted scraps into a slot at the end. Once you have finished, remove the hidden collection bin from underneath, wipe it down, and push the drawer closed. No more unsightly bright coloured chopping boards disturbing the ambience of your beautiful sleek kitchen! 

Floor-to Ceiling-Cupboards 

When deciding on your kitchen storage, one of the primary considerations people have is to make the most of their room and create the illusion of more space. One of the best ways to do this is with floor-to-ceiling cupboards. Not only are you providing yourself with more drawers, shelves, and other storage space in a concealed cabinet, but the nature of a floor-to-ceiling cupboard creates the feeling of expansive space as it elongates your ceiling. Pair this with a neutral colour palette using large format white ceramic kitchen wall tiles, and you have not only added more storage to your space but given the illusion of a bigger room. 

Stunning sleek kitchen island with hidden cabinets 

The Possibilities of a Kitchen Island 

Kitchen islands are one of the best storage features you could choose for your space, providing you with endless options and customisation. For example, our Valcucine kitchens offer a wide range of possibilities in their incredible modern kitchen island range. With hidden utensil cupboards, concealed charging units, and built-in appliances, these sleek and contemporary kitchen islands give you everything you need to create a kitchen with style and purpose. 

Not only this, but kitchen islands make your space feel inviting, providing you with an additional place for entertaining, making them a fantastic choice for those wanting extra space and more functionality. 

Display Shelves 

Don’t think that kitchen storage solutions only mean hidden cabinets, concealed items, and empty shelves. It’s possible that you have a selection of special or decorative items you would like to display in your kitchen, and having a suitable storage space for those items is essential. 

Many of the brands available at our kitchen showroom in Preston offer stunning display shelves as part of their units, with clever ambient lighting and customisable storage racks so you can showcase your most beautiful items in style. So come and visit us in Preston to see for yourself just how we can transform your space and discover our elegant large format tiles.

Additionally, enquire online today for your FREE kitchen design consultation with our award-winning team – we are always more than happy to help. 

Roccia will be showcasing at Grand Designs Live 2022

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