How to Create a Modern-Style Bathroom

A modern bathroom should be sleek, minimalistic and elegant with practical features throughout. Whether you have a small or large bathroom space, you should plan for clean lines, minimal décor and top quality furnishings. Here at Roccia, we can help turn your dated bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation and comfort. 

Bathrooms are an important part of your home and should reflect your personality and style. This blog will discuss the various features that you should consider when designing a modern luxury bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtubs

A growing trend of 2021, freestanding bathtubs can add a modern element to your bathroom. Not only do they create a focal point in larger spaces, but they are incredibly easy to maintain due to not being framed or tiled into a wall. 

There are plenty of shapes and sizes you can choose from if you opt for a freestanding tub, including oval, rectangle or custom designed for corner placements, for example. Another benefit of installing a freestanding bathtub is that you can choose exactly where to position it. Most people will choose the centre of the room to create a real wow factor. It can also be beneficial for ease of access when getting in and out of the tub, though some people prefer to fit it next to a large window for the ultimate bathing experience.

Luxury bathroom brand Acquabella allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams with the highest standard of innovation and quality. Their modern avant-garde style is certainly on-trend with a choice from freestanding bathtubs, bathroom furniture and Spanish-made washbasins and showers.

Wet Room or Walk-in Shower 

Wet rooms and walk-in showers are common features of modern bathroom design. They give your space a minimalist look which is an increasingly popular choice for those who love bright and spacious bathrooms. 

Compared to traditional shower units with an enclosure, wet rooms and walk-in showers are practical solutions for accessibility, maintenance and day-to-day cleaning. 

Check out our blog for more wet room and walk-in shower ideas

Geometric Tile Shapes 

Although modern styles can be interpreted differently by different people, most current concepts and designs lean toward clean lines, geometric shapes and simplicity. Because of this, geometric tile patterns are an excellent option for the interior of your bathroom — they create an interesting visual and bring a sense of ‘now’ to your design.

Once you have decided on your bathroom wall tiles, you can choose from various colours, patterns and grout options. Our Jubilee Hexagonos tiles with a contrasting grout colour will accentuate the look and aesthetic of your design.

Another option is to match your floor and wall tiles to create a seamless look — combining and contrasting styles. Fully tiled bathrooms are guaranteed to give you an all-around sleek finish that will stand the test of time and always look fresh.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity in design is a key feature for bathrooms. Gone are the days of cluttered cupboards and complicated faucets. You should choose minimalistic and space-saving techniques such as mounting taps to the wall or hanging towels on bars and hooks to accentuate the space available and give an open feel to the area. 

Here at Roccia, we offer a variety of luxury bathroom brands, including Novello, who pride themselves on innovation and expert attention to detail — their wall-mounted taps and basins can transform your tired looking bathroom into a modern sanctuary for relaxation.

When choosing furniture or fittings in your bathroom, it’s okay to mix styles, as long as they are compatible. For example, if you choose sleek wall-mounted taps, you should pair them with a modern and minimalistic sink rather than a bulky traditional design that will look out of place. In our bathroom range, there’s a style to suit everyone, and we can help you make the right choice with bathroom fittings, bathroom floor tiles, and more.

Neutral Colour Theme 

While the colour of the tiles in your bathroom can make a statement in your home, bold and bright isn’t always best. White is one of the most popular choices for bathroom wall tiles, along with beige, cream and grey, which offer a natural feel. That’s not to say you shouldn’t add colour splashes or a feature tile wall in your bathroom, but it’s important to get the base colour right if you are looking for an ultra-modern feel. 

You can use light and dark tiles to create a striking contrast or pair natural shades with your accents or décor. For example, neutral beiges and browns will complement our wood effect floor tiles, and grey colour palettes go well with our concrete effect floor tiles. Black and white colour themes are increasingly popular in modern bathrooms due to their dramatic, bold and bright effect. 

For more inspiration on bathroom tiles, take a look at our blog, Get the Bathroom Look: Coloured Tiles.

Design Your Modern Bathroom with Roccia

If you have plans to refurbish or redesign your bathroom, then we have plenty of design options for you at our bathroom showroom in Preston and Bolton, no matter the size or shape of your space. 

When you choose Roccia, you can rely on quality, strength and durability. Book your bathroom consultation with one of our award-winning designers today, or call us on 01772 258998, and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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