How to Decorate Your Hallway

Your hallway should be wonderfully welcoming as it is the first room that you and your guests will ever see, plus there’s nothing better than that ‘ah, I’m home’ feeling, wouldn’t you agree?

We think so much about what to do to decorate our kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms but we often neglect the hallways, which is something that shouldn’t happen because it is such an integral room! So we’ve put together a guide of aspects that you need to think about when transforming this room – we’re sure that it will help you to decorate this room beautifully.


Decide Upon Your Theme

Of course before doing anything, you need to decide upon your theme and colour scheme. There are plenty of choices out there; from marvellous minimalism, to rustic chic, Victorian vintage, au natural and many more! Go for a theme that you love and feel connected to; remember this is your home and should represent your personality.

The Feature Wall


Nothing says ‘welcome home’ quite like a statement-making feature wall! This wall should be a contrasting colour to the rest of the walls or even a fabulous pattern. You could also dedicate this wall to the family by having a wall of family photographs – this looks lovely and exceptionally personal.

Fabulous Flooring


Your hallway must have fabulous flooring. Floor tiles are a fantastic feature for the hallway as they are easy to clean and durable! This is the room that you walk into first so it needs to have robust flooring that will stand the tests of time and muddy shoes.

Embrace Natural Light


Natural light is every room’s best friend, and this is certainly the case here. A great way to allow natural light into your hallway is to have glass panelling on your front door or a statement stained glass window – if you so desire!



You may not have space for a full on cloakroom, however you do need space to hang your coats so it’s a wonderful idea to attach coat hooks to the wall or even have an old-fashioned, vintage chic coat stand!

Space Enhancing


It’s always a fantastic idea to enhance the space of a room; the best way to do it is to add a statement mirror; this could be a small oval mirror or a large wall length mirror – the choice is yours and certainly up to you!

Colour Combinations

Colour is always an important part of interior design; some colours can cause rooms to look much smaller than they actually are and others simply don’t work for the room in question! The best colours to choose for the hallway include:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Natural hues

Of course, if these colours simply do not tickle your fancy, go for something else. The choice really is yours – it’s your home after all and you should be incredibly happy with it!


So if you’re looking to decorate your house, don’t forget about the hall! Transform it and make it look absolutely stunning. We’re sure that you’ll have a fantastic time and create a marvellously welcoming room with a glorious aesthetic that will impress every single person who walks through your front door.

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