Tips For Choosing Natural Stone

Although part of the attraction of natural stone is the beauty stone tiles can offer a space, it’s important to take into consideration other factors when finding the perfect stone to suit you, and your home.

Whether you’re looking for slate wall tiles, granite kitchen tiles or marble floor tiles – here at Tile Mart, we are proud to be tile specialists, and understand the importance of finding the right tile, for both practicality and style.

So, here are a few top tips to help you with your decision.

Tile size

Starting with the fun aspect of choosing a tile, when it comes to aesthetics, it’s so important to consider a tile size that suits your space, especially when shopping for natural stone. As a general rule, small stone tiles are ideal for use on walls, whereas floorings are suited to a much bigger tile scale. A great and innovative way to really enhance the textural quality of a stone tile is to mix and match tile styles and sizes – for example, large scale flagstone tiles work well with smaller travertine mosaic borders.


Of course, the aesthetics a tile can offer a space is possibly the most important aspect of any decor choice, however, it shouldn’t be the only thing considered. Sure, aesthetics are important, and all tile ranges are designed to enhance particular decor choices and home design styles. For example, natural stones are the perfect choice for rustic and traditional styled homes, providing a textural and one-off quality that is often unattainable from other materials. When enhancing a vintage or classic decor, consider rich tones and textured palettes that will complement other elements of the design, including furniture, fireplaces and furnishings.


Natural stone is a material which will last the test of time, but will last even longer when looked after and carefully maintained. When considering a natural stone option, research what type of cleaning or maintenance tasks a particular material may require. Some stone options are particularly sensitive to regular cleaning products, so it’s extremely important to purchase a tile material that can keep up with your lifestyle and the purpose you intend for it.

Technical characteristics

Considering the characteristics and suitability of a natural stone tile is possibly the most important aspect of any tile purchase, especially in relation to its intended environment. When using stone tiles for bathroom spaces, consider their suitability for use in a wet area, and be aware that most rough textured stone tiles and overly glossy tiles are unsuitable for use in a bathroom. If you are using natural stone outdoors, make sure it has been tested as frost resistant. These are all important considerations to make, and ones you will need to think about before finally purchasing.

If you’re installing stone flooring, for whatever space, you’ll also need to consider your chosen stone’s slip resistance, so always be sure to question a natural tile’s performance in wet conditions, for both interior and exterior use. Different finishes are suitable for different areas of the home, and many tiles are given an extra texture in order to improve their slip resistance, so make sure you choose the tile most appropriate for your needs.

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