How To: Successfully Mixing Materials when Decorating

Bringing a little texture into your room design is something that a lot of people can find quite daunting.

Rather than fuelling your fear of the dramatic change that mixing materials and adding texture can bring, we’ve put together a handy “how to” guide for you to follow.

So get ready for some incredible room transformations!

The Benefits of Adding Texture

We’re not saying that plain interior design is drab and boring; on the contrary, the majority of simplistic rooms can be quite elegant and attractive, but adding texture can  really make any room pop.

With added depth and eye catching design, we don’t think that there is a room out there that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of a texture or two.


Texture doesn’t have to be confined to carpets and wallpaper; porcelain tiles and other natural materials can be incorporated into a room to create a beautiful, nature-inspired interior.

Keep it Simple

Adding mixed materials into a room to create texture doesn’t mean overload your room with many different textures. This will overwhelm your room and will make it feel extremely crowded.

bathroom design

Instead of overloading your eyes, try to keep the design simple, with attractive splashes of texture rather than a huge block. The random placement of the textures will give your eyes something to look at all around the room as well as being a cost effective way to create an impact in your room.

Enough is Enough

The key to being playful with textures in any sense is to know when enough is enough. Try not to get too carried away when it comes to incorporating texture into your room.

As a rule, try and stick to around two to three textures within a room and no more. This is usually enough to create a statement rather than be overboard with style.

Young woman thinking looking up

If you still feel like your room is looking a little overbearing , try adding in some soft furnishing such as a lightly textured rug which will break up your room perfectly.

Lighting is Key

When looking to incorporate any texture in a room, it’s important to realise that many textures can look very different when in a lit room.

Light can soften some textures while making other stand out even more. If it is possible, try to place the texture in position in the room before you commit to it to see how the lighting will affect it. This will give you an idea of how it will look and allow you to move it or change your mind before installing it.


Here at Tile Mart, we love seeing what our customers achieve with the products that they buy from us.  We have a wide range of tiling solutions which can all be used to create beautiful interior designs; from fresh, crisp, simplistic rooms to natural, texture based environments.

For more information on the products that we have on offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Tile Mart by calling 01772 550900 today.

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