How to Work Style with Functionality in a Commercial Setting

Wooden flooring has been a long-standing preference for interior designers due to the classy, timeless, and elegant look that the material offers. The love for this look is not going away any time soon, but the practical drawbacks of wood means that people are looking to other materials to provide the opulent interior they crave.

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, resulting in an endless range of products and a plethora of options to choose from. This is no different for tiles, where the rapid advancements and innovation in tile manufacturing has resulted in durable products that are available in infinite breath-taking designs.

One such innovation has allowed wood effect tiles to take centre-stage, as they provide an authentic wooden look and feel for commercial properties, while enabling all the functional benefits of tiles. Here are some of the benefits;

  • Floor tiles are harder wearing than wooden flooring.
  • They will not fade or darken in the sun.
  • They are waterproof so will not warp in case of a flood.


Different Styles of Wood Effect Tiles

There are many different styles and options of wood effect tiles here at Roccia. We stock a variety of colours, styles, and sizes to provide your commercial setting with the desired finish.

  • Dolphin – the cool tones of these tiles result in a textured finish created by contrasting brushstrokes.
  • Woodker – offers natural tones, and its knots and grains make this tile a key design element.
  • Wood Trend – this tile transforms wooden surfaces into a porcelain stoneware material, styling every space.
  • I Classici Deco Wood – these tiles can offer the elegant marbles of the fifties with its strong aesthetic character.
  • Assi d’Alpe – a contemporary ceramic tile portraying handcrafted alpine wood.
  • North Cape – inspired by irregular wood density, this tile creates a warm sensation for the interior.
  • Cross Wood – a blend of wood fibres with the ceramic warmth of timber creates this tile of natural beauty.

How Wood Effect Tiles Combine Style and Functionality

Wood effect tiles require less maintenance and can last for many years longer than standard wood, making them a fantastic choice for floors and walls. Wood effect porcelain tiles, such as the Wood Trend are a sensational choice, as they transform a wooden surface into a unique and high-performance material that is ideal for conveying every space with style.

Woodker offers natural tones to enhance interior and exterior designs. Imbued with beauty and strength, Woodker is ideal for modern offices, as the knots and grains allow for an earthy feel, while offering protection from heavy footfall.

Improving Commercial Settings

Wood effect porcelain tiles are perfect to transition between an indoor space and outdoor area. A great example of this is for a bar, a restaurant, or a living area which opens onto a sun deck, terrace or courtyard. This is because the surface is suitable for both settings and using the same material gives a seamless, cohesive look that visually unifies the two areas.

Wood effect tiles capture the beauty and character of natural timber grains, and they are available in a selection of colours which can be used to complement any decorative style and colour scheme.

The Benefits of Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles are for those who have dreamed of having a beautiful wooden floor that can be easily maintained. They are compatible with underfloor heating, which is a big benefit for some commercial settings. Their unbeatable durability also reduces the chance of damage from common problems, such as scratches, scuffs, dents, and water spills, and means they also make an ideal material for outdoors.

Our Design Services

At Roccia, we are big believers in creativity, innovation, and inspiration, showing this through our ‘’cutting-edge’ technology. Our engineering department uses advanced waterjet technology, creating accurate bespoke and stunning designs. This enables interior designers to push boundaries and create an amazing end product on a range of materials.

We also provide numerous other services to our customers, including a free consultation with our experienced in-house design team to discuss your planning and design.

To see how wood effect tiles can unify functionality and style in your commercial setting, visit one of our showrooms in Preston and Bolton.

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