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Mosaics have been around for centuries, but what do you really know about mosaic tiles? Perhaps there are some questions you’re just bursting to ask? Well, here we hope to answer some of your burning questions.

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What is a mosaic?

Good question, before we go any further you’re going to want to know what exactly a mosaic pattern is, right? Well, a mosaic pattern is a picture or recurring pattern made up of small or large individual pieces. A mosaic pattern becomes  identifiable because of  the spaces between each individual piece, creating a semi-broken up picture.


What are they made from?

Traditionally, mosaic patterns were made from bits of glass, stones and shells. These pieces made up breathtaking floors in villas, and later as wall features. Today, mosaic tiles can be made of anything -including rubber!

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Where did they come from?

Most people think of the Roman Empire and their stunning, sophisticated art work when they think of mosaics (and they wouldn’t be far wrong). Mosaics have appeared throughout history in England and in Europe, in Roman villa’s and in the streets of towns and ancient cities.


What can you do with mosaics?

There are so many ways for you to adapt the mosaic design for your home,  here we’ve compiled a small list to help you choose:

Modern Mosaics

We’ve spoken about how to spice up your home in our blog Mix It Up With Modern Mosaics, but we just had to mention them again! Big, bold tiles set in strong, stylistic patterns in your home are a stunning and artistic means of bringing an ancient art form into the twenty-first century.


Mono-colour mosaics

You don’t need odd sized tiles arranged in a pattern in your home to create a stunning piece of decor. Mosaics can create a uniqueness in your home you’ll struggle to achieve with everyday paint. Tiles of the same colour, broken up by the mosaic design, gives you the colour you want without creating a solid wall of tiles..


Even patterns

Patterned mosaics are typically used for framing the back of the kitchen sink or encircling the bathroom walls. Their regular, organised pattern allows for an interesting design which breaks up block coloured wall paint and allows for a naturally pleasing sight for artistic eyes.


Uneven patterns

Fragmented mosaics can bring an abstract piece of artwork into your home. With a stunning shattered impression, the sharp, jagged edges and sudden turns in the mosaic tiles which allow for a pattern that demands the upmost attention. You can always break up the tiles by adding a touch of colour at irregular intervals to add yet another dimension to this mosaic pattern.


A lot of the time, creating the best type of mosaic design depends entirely on the type of tile you choose and where you put it in your home. Here is a list of tiles for you to choose from:

Natural Tiles

Natural tiles bring soft, neutral tones to the most down-to-earth homes. Warm beiges, rich browns and cool cream-coloured tiles allow you to bring the outside into your kitchens, bathrooms or sitting rooms whilst maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.


Bold Tiles

Bold coloured tiles are reserved for the most extravagant decors. Bright, bold colours create loud, exciting designs for those homes requiring a bit of colour, which will liven up even the smallest of rooms.


Glass Tiles

For the prettiest of homes wanting a bit of extra interest; glass tiles are a perfect addition to any home. From cool and collected matt glass tiles, to sparkling, glimmering pink gem stones – the reflection of light acts to brighten and uplift.

 Bling mosaic

Where can you put a mosaic?

For centuries, mosaics have been used to decorate floors in breathtaking images depicting stories and legends. Today, you can have a mosaic anywhere you want. Most commonly found in the bathroom and the kitchen, mosaic tiles have worked their way into the bedroom and sitting room as feature walls.


Mosaics really have no boundary; fragmented tiles don’t disrupt a room but blend in with the already present decor, adding a different dimension to your already loving home. How you have your mosaics and what tiles you use will reflect your own personality, and whether you love a homely atmosphere or revel in an abstract art decor, mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any home.

If you’re interested in knowing more about mosaic tiles and what kind of tiles we can offer you, simply call into our store or contact our friendly team on 01772 258998 

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