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So you want a new bathroom? Good choice; a little change here and there never goes amiss, as it can freshen up your home and give you a new lease of life. But what to do? There are so many things to choose from. Natural bathrooms, modern bathrooms, traditional bathrooms, beach bathrooms… yes we did just say beach.

You’ve seen themed houses before; they stand out from a crowded street of unoriginal, symmetrical designs. Some of these have been specially made to resemble big screen movies such as the Hobbit house or the Flintstone house in Peru. Others have simply painted their homes in bright pinks, purples and greens. Some people have preferred to keep their themed homes a secret… until you open the front door; the Star Trek home is just one example of this.


Of course you could be more subtle, choosing instead to focus on certain rooms. The bathroom is a key part of your home, and yet this room seems to be paid less attention than the rest. Here, we will give you a few tips and ideas to help you splash a bit of uniqueness into your bathroom.

Choose a Theme

There are plenty of ideas out there, from beach bathrooms through to space bathrooms, under water themes or aquarium rooms, the choice is yours to make.


You don’t need to buy an entirely new bathroom in order to fit into your new style. Tiles, paint and accessories will do the trick beautifully. If you want an underwater bathroom, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Dolphin - iStock_000055958810_Large


Tiles are a key factor in your bathroom’s design. Wall tiles are both practical and stylish, and the type of tile you buy will depend on how you want them to influence your bathroom. Tiles allow moisture from a steamy bath or shower to run effortlessly down the surface, protecting your wall from damp. Quartz tiles offer a  different touch to your bathroom, as they are made from crushed quartz, a natural rock which is then mixed with coloured pigment.

Sapphire Quartz

Quartz rocks glitter in the light, are durable and are very strong. Their smooth surface also makes them easy to maintain when cleaning your bathroom. To keep with your themed underwater bathroom, you may want add blue quartz tiles to your room. The glimmer will add the impression of water, while your other decorations and accessories will provide the rest.

 Classic Blue Quartz


There may be some areas in your bathroom that aren’t covered with wall tiles. Choosing the right colour for your bathroom is also an important decision; you don’t want it to contrast too greatly with your tiles.

Block colour or a printed design can greatly aid your themed masterpiece. If you haven’t already heard about it, there’s such a thing as glow in the dark paint too. During the day you can’t see any of the spectacular designs but come nightfall and your bathroom can come alive with fish, shells, octopuses and star fish; a subtle way of sprucing up your bathroom.

Color paint cans


From floor mats to picture frames, the accessories you choose in your bathroom will take up those small, difficult spaces bathroom appliances can’t reach. For example, your underwater bathroom could have physical, brightly coloured fish sat on the shelving units you don’t use, or on the window sill.

You could also find seashell themed toothbrush holders, boxes and soap dishes to add that little something extra. A themed toilet seat is also a great way to add to the theme of your bathroom, from seashells to fish, for an underwater bathroom the choice is yours.

shells - iStock_000003852476_Large

For tiles to inspire your bathroom redecoration- whether you’re looking to transform your bathroom or to just add a little something different- you can visit one of our stores to see what kinds of quartz tiles we can offer you or, alternatively, contact us on any of the numbers at the top of this page.

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