In the Spotlight: Designer Bathrooms

Trends come and go, but something that will never go out of fashion is luxury. Glamorous, opulent, and grandeur décor will always be sought-after, which is why we specialise in offering a wide selection of luxurious and designer brands to choose from here at Roccia. So whether you’re looking for a designer bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, we’re sure to have the puzzle pieces you need to put together the space you’ve been dreaming of.

However, today we’re looking specifically into designer bathrooms and discussing what makes them so attractive to people all over the world. Perhaps it’s their link to luxury 5-star hotels or the tranquil escape they offer? Whatever it is for you, we’re exploring how you can create a luxurious, designer bathroom in your own home with the help of Roccia and our award-winning team.

What Makes a Bathroom Designer?

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of the adjective designer. It means “made or designed by a famous and prestigious designer”, so naturally, a designer bathroom must be able to fit into this category. This means that the fixtures, fittings, tiles, lighting, and other elements of your bathroom must have been created by a well-known designer, which can be daunting if you’re planning this type of renovation. Don’t panic, though; you don’t need to spend an extortionate amount to achieve this look. With a few staple designer pieces and a luxurious style throughout the rest of your space, you can create a glamorous bathroom in no time.

For instance, we recommend choosing your bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles as your staple designer piece, as investing in your tiles is important. If you choose quality, you choose longevity, durability, and easy maintenance, which is crucial if you’re tiling the entire room. Our Versace tiles are the perfect example of this, as they are the epitome of designer and luxury. Created by the prestigious fashion house, Versace tiles come in a wide range of opulent designs perfect for any home, whether you’re looking for subtle luxury or all-out glamour.

Stunning Versace floor tiles

Once you have chosen your tiles, you can build the rest of your room around the designer tiles and create your dream luxury bathroom.

Designer Bathroom Colour Schemes

Building a colour scheme is an important part of any room’s renovation. However, when it comes to creating a designer bathroom, it’s even more crucial to get it right. Monochrome looks are typically chosen for luxurious spaces as they are often used in hotel bathrooms, allowing you to create a 5-star aesthetic in your own home.

Additionally, dark tones with metallic accents are typical for designer bathroom colour schemes, so if you want to portray this look in your own bathroom, focus on these aspects. Don’t shy away from black, as it works well as a monochrome look in bathrooms of all sizes, from master bathrooms to small ensuites. In addition, to enhance a bathroom, choose gold accents, as displayed in the image below.

Beautiful modern bathroom design with cream marble, wood, and gold accents

Designer Bathroom Brands

When it comes to choosing luxury bathroom brands for your space, the list is endless. We have an incredible range of big names here at Roccia, so you’re sure to find something that fits your personal aesthetic and design goals.

Artelinea Bathrooms

Artelinea was founded in Italy in the 1960s with glamour and opulence at the forefront of their designs. If you’re looking for a designer bathroom brand with an excellent combination of modern ergonomics and rich design history, then Artelinea is for you.

Stunning Artelinea Bathroom design

Gessi Bathrooms

Known all over the globe for its fashionable fixtures, designer textiles, and outstanding finishes, Gessi is a brand to keep your eye on if you like the luxury look. Paying attention to the fine details is crucial when it comes to building your dream bathroom, and Gessi’s stunning fittings and fixtures are sure to help you do this.

Stunning marble Gessi bathroom design

Novello Bathrooms

Designer bathrooms don’t have to be commercial looking. If you want a homely feel to your space but with luxurious details, this can easily be achieved by choosing the right designer brands that fit into this aesthetic. We believe Novello bathrooms do this perfectly, with their natural wood finishes and charming attention to detail.

Pink and wooden Novello bathroom design

Creating Your Designer Bathroom with Roccia

Here at Roccia, we specialise in luxury, making us the ideal choice to help with your designer bathroom project. We have decades of experience in the industry, so we are more than capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing your bathroom, no matter your chosen aesthetic.

Additionally, as mentioned, we offer an extensive range of luxury bathroom brands and designer tiles in our Preston showroom, so we encourage you to pay us a visit to gather some inspiration before you begin.

If you’re struggling to get started or want to learn more about what we can bring to your bathroom, please enquire online today for a FREE design consultation, and a member of our award-winning team will be more than happy to help you out.

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