Get the Hotel Bathroom Look in Your Own Home

Nothing beats the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel. Waking up surrounded by crisp white sheets with your head resting on plump, lavender-scented pillows and leisurely rolling out of bed to walk into the most beautiful bathroom you’ve ever seen. Each high-end hotel bathroom has been expertly designed to give you that extra special feeling while you’re showering, getting ready, or simply brushing your teeth. It’s all in the details, and it’s something that makes staying in an opulent hotel feel so luxurious.

So, we’re helping you get a touch of glamour in this article by presenting some of the ways you can achieve the hotel bathroom look in the comfort of your own home. We’ll be exploring the most popular 5-Star hotel bathroom design trends and looking into how our luxury bathroom brands here at Roccia can help you implement them into your space.


What Makes a Hotel Style Bathroom So Special?

A hotel bathroom offers many things. Its most basic form is a personal space for guests to utilise in the hotel, but its design provides much more. In terms of functionality, a good hotel bathroom will barely be noticed at all. The practicalities of the design should come naturally. For example, there should be plenty of space, even if the room itself is not large, it should be designed to provide maximum space for guests, such as with double-sinks. Additionally, everything should be within reach, meaning no hard to get to shaving sockets or poorly designed toilet flushes – it should be simple.
In terms of décor, you should understand the opulence of the hotel itself when you step into one of their bathrooms. These rooms need to feel special, which means the décor has to be both in line with the hotel’s aesthetic and follow some standard hotel bathroom trends to really get that luxurious feeling we all know and love.
Let’s look at some of these trends and how we can help you incorporate them into your bathroom at home.


Dramatic black and white hotel bathroom


Bright Whites and Contrasting Blacks

If the thought of bold, bright colours sends a shiver down your spine, then you’re in luck. You may have noticed that hotel bathrooms, specifically ensuites, are often bright white, contrasted with black accents. Consider choosing our large format floor tiles in a white or light shade to get this look in your own space. This choice of tiles will help make your room feel spacious as well as stay on-trend with the colour choice. Pair these floor tiles with our large formal wall tiles in the same style to enlarge the look of your room even further. If you have a particularly small or dingy bathroom, this will help lighten and brighten up the space and give it that glossy, clean feel that all hotel bathrooms possess.
In terms of black accents, you have many options. You can go for a permanent option with black faucets, fixtures, and fittings, or choose black towels or black mirror frames for details you can swap out when the time comes to redecorate.


Add a Touch of Glamour with Gold and Silver

Nothing says glitz and glamour more than gold and silver, which is why they are such a staple in hotel bathrooms worldwide. However, this doesn’t mean you need to invest in a solid gold toilet or diamond-encrusted bathtub (although both of those options would scream lavish).
Simple gold accents within the décor can bring the room together and provide a luxurious aesthetic. For example, choose gold light fittings and switches to tie in the electrical items in the room and add in an effortless touch of style.
Additionally, as part of our vast tile collection, we have a selection of metallic silver tiles. When designed in line with the rest of your bathroom, they can bring dramatic glamour to your space – something that all hotel bathrooms possess.


Symmetrical neutral double sinks in modern bathroom


Simple Symmetry

Another reason hotel bathrooms are aesthetically pleasing is that they are often symmetrical. Double sinks with matching mirrors hanging above, a central bath or shower, and perfectly symmetrically placed towels. This symmetry gives the impression of luxury and is a beautiful design choice when appropriately implemented. The key to doing it the right way is working in small sections, such as the sink area. First, choose double-sinks with twin mirrors, such as those pictured above. Then, you can focus on the details, such as matching hand towels below the sinks, adding decorative plants, matching soap dishes, or reed diffusers on either side. What you don’t want to do is overthink the entire room. Don’t worry if your window doesn’t line up centrally, or your shower is in the corner rather than the middle of the room – symmetry is beautiful in small doses.


Put a Spotlight on Your Bathtub

One of the first things you may notice upon walking into a luxury hotel bathroom is a large, deep, freestanding bath. To get the look in your own home, consider having your bathtub fitted in the centre of the room, allowing you to walk around it and admire its beauty at every angle.
Additionally, why not step outside your comfort zone and choose a large bathtub in a colour other than classic white? If you’re not able to place your tub centrally, this is another excellent idea to put it in the spotlight and get that hotel feeling in the comfort of your own home.


The Fine Details

Hotel bathroom luxury lies in the details. If you want that opulent feeling in your bathroom, you must pay close attention to the little things. For example, don’t cheap out on light fittings; instead, spend time looking into how you want the light to hit the room and choose a design that does exactly that. Lights surrounding the mirror give a dramatic Hollywood feel, whereas wall light fittings can be subtle and draw attention to your bathroom tiles and feature wall tiles.
Additionally, transferring your soap into a pump or dish that complements the sink rather than the plastic container it came in will make a huge difference. Finally, consider storing all your shampoos, conditioners, and other toiletries behind cupboard doors or in drawers. Not only will this help you get organised, but you won’t become distracted by branded packaging and clutter when your eyes should be on the opulence of your bathroom.

Here at Roccia, we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. No matter your style, we have a fantastic choice of luxury bathroom brands that you can choose from to create the perfect space for you.
Get in touch today to find out how our design experts can help you out. Additionally, please pop into our bathroom showroom to get a taste of what your bathroom could look like with our help.

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